65 inches millet TV 3S users greatly improve retrieval efficiency (video) cosmax

65 inches millet TV 3S evaluation of user retrieval efficiency greatly improved Tencent digital news (Zhou Shuo) recently relatively hot topic in addition to Apple paint, Samsung explosion, to be a new millet conference. The millet not only unlock the 5S, come up with innovative fingerprint recognition, but also brought a new millet TV 3s. The millet is not limited to find a gimmick on the hardware, but the promotion of the system software as the main selling point. Millet, then talk about artificial intelligence tv". The use of a new system of millet 3S TV can really bring significant improvement on the basis of the previous generation of products? Millet TV 3sPatchWall puzzle wall system is still slim body design 9.9mm 65 inch thickness millet TV 3S continuation of the previous generation of millet TV 3 split design, with a set of SoundBar system, which is consistent with the previous generation of millet 3. The fuselage also uses ultra narrow frame design, wire drawing texture and ultra-thin design process. Compared with the same class and the main ultra narrow border TV, millet TV 3S next frame is also very narrow, but there is no projection, which is a big feature in the shape of millet tv. Of course, this is not because of any extraordinary technology, or benefit from the principle of split design. TV whole machine looks relatively simple, the main black based on the side of the design of the use of gold metal frame structure. Whether it is visual effects or the overall strength of the TV is better. Because the size is relatively large, so I also focused on the seams on the screen around the central part of the examined results in details on Millet 3S do the same with the previous generation, 3 not what aspect of this slot, relatively reassuring. The base part of the TV, millet 3S continuation of the previous generation of millet home design, did not make any changes, herringbone bracket is very beautiful, but also very good weight, the TV is very stable on the table. What is more important is that the two stents need only four screws can be easily fixed, installation is not trouble. The official said that the thickness of the TV is only 9.9mm, of course, this is only the thinnest thickness. I also use vernier caliper to measure the actual, about 10mm, hard pinch is almost 9.9mm, consistent with the basic values of the official propaganda. Compared to the previous generation of millet 3 12.9mm, the thickness of the more obvious progress. If the wall users should benefit in thickness. The back part of the use of the main body of the routine, the upper part is a piece of metal plate is very simple. Interface because the original design of the TV is separated, so the interface is mainly concentrated in the SoundBar above, the TV part only power interface and data connection. This design advantage is the reduction of external wall when the user left line. A lot of people have doubts about the split design, and I support it. Because you do not take into account other TV external equipment, once you external speakers, amplifier of these devices, the body design will undoubtedly be able to draw a clear line of boundaries, allowing users to wiring are arranged in the hidden place. Border design is a reflection of the details of the work of a TV, millet 3S edge.相关的主题文章: