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70% 2016 graduates starting salary of less than 5000 yuan fell to 5.6% recently, the recruitment website BOSS direct hire to enter the workplace in 2016 graduates survey, released the "2016 Graduate Employment Competitiveness Report" shows that this year, 70% graduates starting salary less than 5000 yuan. Compared with last year, in 2016 the national average graduates expected salary to 4421 yuan, down 5.6%, while the average salary for graduates out of business is only 3958 yuan, only 3.1% of the elite just stepped out of school can get a monthly salary of 10 thousand yuan or more. This year, the average salary of graduates is the highest in the Internet industry, reached 5143 yuan, and the advertising media industry graduates average starting salary is only 3884 yuan, while the number of graduates in mechanical manufacturing, automotive, consumer goods, real estate and other traditional industries declined. From the employment of the city, fled North Canton increasingly obvious, only 36% of graduates want to stay in the first tier cities, and in the past three years, this figure is more than 50%. The report shows that 985, 211 college graduates starting salary than others three 40%. The report also named the 2016 graduate employment competitiveness of the top 50, 32 universities including the average salary of more than 5000 yuan. The top 50 colleges and universities, science and engineering for the class of 44%, for the integrated class of 38%. Hubei has three colleges and universities to enter the top 50, respectively, Wuhan University (), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (eighteenth), Wuhan University of Technology (forty-eighth). The report took out 137645 effective pay, resume and behavioral samples, of which 77.2% of undergraduate students, graduate students accounted for 11.7%, doctoral students accounted for 1.3%.相关的主题文章: