75 square meters of simple and elegant luxury color as exciting hypersnap-dx

75 square meters of simple and elegant luxury color as exciting [reading] Residence Inn Independence Chu Home Furnishing 1BEDROOM Home Furnishing, facing the beach scenery, in this kind of environment, how can not comfortable? Flat one bedroom apartment layout: size: 800 square feet (about 75 meters): 3 years old in 1.5 years: pure white translucent curtains will soften the autumn sunshine after penetration into the living room to the living room, also can keep indoor in time to put down the curtain cloth in the bright and spacious. Dark gray coral velvet sofa let people have a warm home in the autumn breeze of autumn, collocation blue pillow and blue as the background of the murals, build a fresh and natural beach style. Smooth sense of concavity and coral velvet leather sofas, create two different visual feeling with two kinds of materials, smooth and rough collocation, similar color gives a different feeling, forming a strong visual impact. A blue peacock pattern, adorable and fresh. The larger space concave home, can create a small restaurant in the soft light, quiet listening to the sound of the waves, relaxed and comfortable feeling arise spontaneously. Pure white collocation of transparent glass dining table, fresh and clean and pure feeling comes out from the inside to the outside. Light yellow quilt blue curtains collocation fresh leaves in the autumn, a summer cool feeling collocation. Yellow quilt have sunny warm feeling in the white contrast. The hierarchical design ladder table make items placed more orderly. Night in the bedroom under the pale yellow light, more romantic mood. Opposite the bed put a multi classification storage cabinet, the master of men and women jacket, trousers, underwear are housed in the nine drawer classification, the wardrobe clothes basket, can receive the dirty clothes. The top of the cabinet is provided with a mirror and a jewelry box, and the storage cabinet is turned into a dressing table. White cabinets with orange tiles in the middle, not only can talk about oil hidden up, but also can increase the appetite for positive orange, make food more delicious. White cabinets as if the sun outside the window together, so that the kitchen bright. More families can use the kitchen, storage rack placed in such a hollow wall, then use the S hook and kitchen pot classification storage, although the kitchen, but not messy, in the flow station is arranged below the crossbeam to cloth and other things dry, easy life. The balcony with the blue fence and floor decoration, and the distance to the sea, blue sky together, on the balcony, a little green plants make the house with the small nature of fresh feeling, let people immediately relax. Xiaobian summary: this case introduces the creative design of the Home Furnishing quite good, the decoration is full of yearning for a better life, hope for the future, such as foreign Home Furnishing to creative design, filled with positive energy for life.相关的主题文章: