[27 lenses]_ women’s retirement eyes out the 27 lenses-张稀哲大婚

original title: 27! In the eyes of a retired British woman, 27 oblivious contact lenses were taken out. In the eyes of a retired British woman, doctors found 27 contact lenses she had forgotten to remove and took them out. They found the contact lenses when they examined the 67 year old patient who had removed cataracts. Doctors noticed a bluish membrane in the lady’s eye, which was originally caused by contact lenses attached to her eyes. After two treatments, these contact lenses were removed. The woman, who has been wearing contact lenses for 35 years, says her eyes have been itchy and dry.

原标题:27个!一英国退休女士眼中被取出27个被遗忘隐形眼镜(图) 医生在一位英国退休女士的眼中发现了27个被她忘记摘下的隐形眼镜,并把它们取了出来。 他们在为这位来去除白内障的67岁病人检查时发现了这些隐形眼镜。医生们注意到,在这位女士的眼球上有青色的膜,它原来是粘在眼睛上的隐形眼镜造成的。 经过两次治疗,去除了这些隐形眼镜。这位戴隐形眼镜35年的女士称,眼部一直很痒且很干燥。相关的主题文章: