[Huang Lei Sun Li Huang Lei’s birthday]_ happiness for Sun Li-金钱豹高管玩失踪

Sun Li birthday July 18th, July 18th is Sun Li’s 40 birthday, husband Huang Lei via micro-blog drying wife, according to the United States sent birthday blessing, said: "baby, happy birthday!"!" And specially AIT Sun Li, a big show of affection. In the picture, Sun Li holds the big bunch of flowers in both hands, the eye is closed, the happiness writes on the face, the skin is fair, the figure is slender, the postpartum recovery is very good. Net friend see this micro-blog, in addition to the birthday blessing for Sun Li, but more said: "envy you this love, not because of anything bad."!" "Happy birthday, years from the undefeated beauty."!" "This baby’s name is that crisp."."

Huang Lei as early as the beginning of this year, the media photographed Sun Li and many, sister travel together, Sun Li was pregnant belly obviously, seems to have third fetal in the abdomen. Now, three fetal son successfully born, netizens have messages blessing: "congratulations on the birth of Xu Xiaomo!"!" Some people laugh, "Huang Huang Jiasan Sanmei formally updated beauty of a handsome, and a fat."

, Huang Lei and two daughters, Huang Lei’s wife, Sun Li, dried out a lot of the latest watercolor paintings on micro-blog in the evening of June 12th. There are big trees, houses, birds and pretty little girls in the picture. The lower left corner of the painting shows "June 8, 2017"". I see the paintings are very rich in color, painted very realistic, it seems more than just playing the piano well.

  孙莉生日 7月18日,7月18日是孙莉40岁生日,老公黄磊通过微博晒老婆美照送上生日祝福,称:“宝贝,生日快乐!”并特意艾特孙莉,大秀恩爱。照片中,孙莉双手捧着大束的鲜花,眼睛微闭,幸福写在脸上,皮肤白皙,身材纤细,产后恢复很好。网友看到此微博后除了为孙莉送上生日祝福外,更表示:“羡慕你们这种爱情,不因任何事情变质!”“生日快乐,岁月从不败美人!”“这一声宝贝叫的那个酥。”

  黄磊 早在今年年初,有媒体拍到孙莉与多多、妹妹一同出游,孙莉当时孕肚明显,似已有第三胎在腹。如今三胎儿子顺利诞下,网友纷纷留言祝福:“恭喜徐小摩降生啦!”也有人调侃称,“黄家三美正式更新为黄家三美一帅,还有一胖。”

  黄磊和两个女儿 6月12日晚,黄磊妻子孙莉通过微博晒出多多最新的水彩画作。照片中,有大树、房子、小鸟和漂亮的小女孩,画的左下角显示时间是“2017年6月8日”。只见画作的颜色搭配十分丰富,画得非常逼真,看来多多不仅是钢琴弹得好啊。相关的主题文章: