[Hsu Chi hold her self unloading]_ Hsu Chi McCain hold her self McCain carry goods, Hsu Chi is tryin-北京雄安首开动车

Hsu Chi hold baby from Kan move goods, Hsu Chi is want to have baby? Hsu Chi ready when birth baby?

Hsu Chi’s age is not small, the Hsu Chi in one of her own baby pictures, picture Hsu Chi comb meatball head, hands doll with headdress flower, two people are happy, Hsu Chi also self ridicule as "move goods", so the question is, Hsu Chi is trying to have a baby? Hsu Chi Hsu Chi holding baby since Kan move goods picture 18, Hsu Chi drying out in micro-blog hands holding baby photo text from McCain: "move the goods ~ so hot today to heatstroke". In the photo, Hsu Chi looks like a warehouse room, wearing simple T – shirts, jeans, 1.5 meatballs, holding a baby in his arms, hiding his face behind a child’s playful smile. Users have a message: "the envy of the child" and "Miss has been abducted". There are users asked: "is the goddess of this" goods "is their own produce?" Hsu Chi is trying to have a baby right artist Hsu Chi in September last year, with Hong Kong star Stephen Fung flash marriage, has recently been Hongkong media rumors of divorce in July 15th, Hsu Chi attended the nineteenth session of the Taipei Film Awards, first interviewed by the media in the divorce rumors, asked about the matter, she finished laughing, pretending to be turned to say: "I want to go oh!" And then the despot replied, "I’ve already said it!"!" Positive deny divorce said. In addition to being invited to serve as an award winner, Hsu Chi also won the actress award with "forgetful village", but she said: "I don’t know if I have a shortlist. I didn’t know it before, because it was easier to win without attending."!" Subsequently admitted that, in fact, to this age, will not care about winning the prize. Hsu Chi has recently been suffering from allergic symptoms, she said recently there is relatively good, only the hands and feet and some allergies, and asked whether there is pregnant, she also smiled back: "no", then the long red coat open, let the media test. Hsu Chi when to prepare baby, Hsu Chi married last September, but now there is no news, let users fuck broken heart. But seeing this picture, Xiao Bian felt relieved. Hsu Chi seems to be tempted to have children. The following small partners and Xiaobian together to wait for it. Compared to tomorrow, there is a doll that inherits the Hsu Chi gene.

舒淇抱娃自侃搬货 舒淇是想生娃了吗 舒淇准备什么时候生娃



18日,舒淇在微博晒出双手抱娃的近照配文自侃:“搬货中~今天好热 要防暑”。照片中,舒淇在看起来好像一个仓库的房间里,身穿简单T恤牛仔裤扎着一个半丸子头,双手抱住一个小婴儿,把脸藏在小朋友身后俏皮的微笑。 网友纷纷留言:“羡慕这个小孩儿”“好想也被拐走”。还有网友询问:“难道女神手上这‘货’是自己产的吗?”


艺人舒淇去年9月跟港星冯德伦闪婚,近日却被香港媒体谣传婚变,7月15日舒淇出席第19届台北电影奖颁奖典礼,首度在婚变传闻后接受媒体访问,被问及此事,她开完笑假装转身说:“我要走了哦!”,接着霸气回“都已经说过啦!”正面否认婚变说。 除了受邀担任颁奖人外,舒淇也凭《健忘村》争夺女主角奖,但她搞笑说:“不知道自己有入围,早知道就不来了,因为没出席比较容易得奖!”随后坦言,其实到这个年纪,不会很在意是否得奖了。 而舒淇日前被过敏症状所苦,她表示最近有比较好了,只剩下手和脚还有一些过敏,而被问及究竟有没有怀孕,她也笑回:“没啦”,接着把红色长外套打开,让媒体检验。


舒淇去年9月结婚,但是到现在都没消息,让网友操碎了心。 但是看到这张图片,小编就放心了。 看来舒淇是对想要小孩动心了。 下面小伙伴们就和小编一起等待吧。 相比明天就有继承舒淇基因的娃娃蹦出来了。