The old man refused to compensate]_ [knocked the old man knocked Jiangxi refused to compensate-公交司机等灯吃饭

Positive energy! The old Jiangxi car accident refused to compensate the driver comfort "I don’t correct your money] these days, a lot of people in Taihe County of Ji’an city in the circle of friends to an old man like, the old man was knocked down by a car, found himself only by skin trauma, but to comfort the driver. He also said that he will not blackmail. Reporters in Taihe County snail town Mitutoyo village saw the old man, his name is Liu Zhenshi, 78 years old this year. The tricycle was knocked over, Liu Zhenshi old man fell down from the car, after the accident, the driver of the car was very nervous, but the old man say something is totally contrary to his expectation. The driver recalled Mr. Shaw said the old man, "he told us not to worry, we will not correct, he said he didn’t have what thing, he said that we should not at 120 at the time, he said he knew that some people, but he does not."