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Cruise ships such as the Royal Caribbean and Carnival watch the growth potential of the Chinese market and are shipping luxury passenger ships to the Yellow Sea. They specialize in providing goods to the Chinese market and seeking to expand the market by changing the awareness of Chinese tourists, "cruise ships are only means of transport". Equipped with indoor skydiving, robot bar of the Royal Caribbean’s most advanced large cruise passenger ship "ocean beauty," May arrived at the home port of Tianjin, began to prepare for the summer. Huge panda mother and child art works are displayed on the deck. All the services offered by the boat cater to the tastes of the Chinese people, from dining to recreational activities, the report said. Adam, President of Royal Caribbean Corporation, Gerstein, said: "there are porridge for breakfast, seafood for lunch and dinner, and passengers can enjoy the authentic Chinese flavor of ·."." Shopping is one of the areas that the company focuses on, and the Chinese spend two or three times as much on boats as in other countries. In boat recreation, cruise ships offer Broadway performances in other countries, while in China they are replaced by popular Chinese tunes and characters. Reported that, with the Royal Caribbean company to compete with the Shanghai days cruise lines operated by the "new century", held musical competitions and beauty pageant. The chief executive officer of the company (CEO) Mo Fusheng pointed out: "every company in China of market demand, and make arrangements." Reported that the biggest feature of Chinese tourists is that several generations travel together. Mo Fusheng said: "they have very strong family values, love will be a lot of time spent on her family." Living in Beijing, Liu Jing, 57, gets up at 7 in the morning and takes care of his 84 year old mother and 2 year old grandson. After dinner, he plays with his grandson in the toy area. After lunch, he has a nap and watches TV in the evening. This is her day’s life. It’s not unusual for Chinese retirees keen to take care of grandchildren. Liu Jing family is a Italy luxury cruise ship Costa the Atlantic ". The boat from swimming pool to mahjong, performances, a variety of recreational facilities. But Liu Jing said, "I don’t have time to play those things.". Together with my husband, my grandson and my mother, I sailed from the port of Tianjin. Looking into the boat, the net is a middle-aged and elderly person like me." Reported that overseas cruise companies on the one hand to deal with the unique needs of Chinese passengers, on the other hand, but also face the pressure of Chinese enterprises to build large domestic cruise. China online travel reservations enterprise cattle way company CEO Yu Dunde believes that, in attracting Chinese passengers, the Chinese consumer preferences change more sensitive local cruise company will be more favorable.