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Travel-and-Leisure Vancouver Vacations: when to visit Vancouver If you want to have the best possible time vacationing with your family, then you should definitely pick Vancouver in Canada as it is rightly famous for granting your wishes. You will never run out of fun things to do in Vancouver but you are sure to have a splendid time if you pick the right time of the year to visit this wonderful city as then you will be able to do all the things Vancouver is famous forSome tourists would like to visit in spring for the awesome sights but then there are some who are a little apprehensive about the damp weather that prevails in Vancouver in spring. Winters are generally avoided while vacationing in Vancouver as many vacationers term winters as slightly dull and lack of many things to do. The best time to visit Vancouver is considered to be the summers as you will be able to indulge in a variety of activities and have the most amazing vacation ever. Vancouver Vacations: Romantic Getaways When making plans with your spouse or life partner for a romantic holiday, make sure Vancouver is on top of the list of ideal places. This is because it is filled with lovely, secluded places. The Sooke Harbor House is one of the most romantic places on Vancouver Island. Its a compact bed and breakfast inn with a mind blowing Wine collection, sexy jetted soaker tubs and cozy fireplaces. The Sandy Cove Beach West is another secluded and ideal honeymooners spot. The Queen Elizabeth Park is not isolated, but lets just say one manages to find lone niches and benches to share a tender kiss. Its a beautiful place for a leisurely stroll with your loved one. The Gulf Islands that are accessible from Victoria and Vancouver are ideally situated for quite, peaceful vacations. These are a group of small islands that basically cater to small families or romantic couples looking for peace and quiet. Vancouver Vacations: Road Trip Ideas To see Vancouver by road is a wonderful idea. Whenever you travel by road, you end up seeing much more in a relaxed environment along with experiencing all the adventures. It is especially a grand idea to see Vancouver by road because Vancouver has many places that need to be seen. Always stop at truck stops at night. This is because these places are extremely safe and alive with commotion. They are a bit noisier than other areas but that is what makes them safe and protected. Be sure to ask the locals about everything because the opinion they give you will not be stated on any web site or travel guide book. Traveling to the Gulf Islands is one way of planning a road trip. You can access these islands from the city of Victoria or Vancouver. The islands have an optimum temperature, enthralling night life, panoramic sceneries and are ideal for nature lovers. A second route to travel would be to use the Pacific Rim Highway. As you reach almost half way through, you will experience some real exciting pattern changes in the road structure. The entire journey is a real life exploration. Vancouver Vacations: Inexpensive Holidays Vancouver is a coastal city located in the British Columbia province of Canada. It is the third largest city in the country. Vancouver is full of vibrancy and liveliness. If you are looking for a cheap but, enjoyable vacation to Vancouver, then booking a vacation online is a great idea. For instance, a holiday for two people traveling from Seattle to Vancouver would cost around $734. This actually means that each person would only have to pay about $367 as his or her own share. This includes round trip tickets from Alaska Airlines. The lodging would be at Days Inn for four days including free parking, internet and a scrumptious buffet breakfast. Last but not least, the package includes the highly essential car rental. The car is a spacious four door automobile that accommodates a minimum of two suitcases. There is no mileage limit on the car either. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: