90 technology home remote lock screen more than and 420 apple for more than 10 unlock fee midd-885

90 technology home remote lock screen more than and 420 apple for more than 10 fee to unlock the 90 guy Xiemou love the Internet technology, but also make the site, but the technology used in the world. Not only tamper with other account passwords, but also remotely lock the screen to ask for someone else’s Phone Unlock fee". The investigation, Xiemou in just 5 months to nesso Mobile Phone Unlock fee of 10 yuan. Recently, due to the formation of the destruction of computer information system crime, was Wenzhou County People’s court sentenced to four years in prison in Pingyang. Xie is a native of Jiangxi, born in 1997, junior middle school education level, normally rely on reselling some QQ Liang to earn money. Last year, when he was illegally logged in QQ, found that the user’s mailbox, there is a Apple Corp mail, e-mail account has been prompted to log on a computer, such as non use, it is recommended to change the password, etc.. Xiemou in see this email, remember to read a post, that the user can locate mobile phone, through some functions of Apple’s mobile phone lock and erase data. As a result, thanks to tamper with someone else’s account and password is successful, they will remotely lock the screen other people’s mobile phone, and in the lock screen on the phone display, unlock the phone, contact QQ5127****, to the owner of the machine to unlock the fee". Since then, Xiemou has made him get out of hand, in order to reap more benefits, not only to others to buy the QQ account and password, and even their own also produced phishing, QQ mail to send messages to others, steal user passwords. Then modeled on to hundreds of machine main for unlock fee of 100 yuan to 2500 yuan. "". In September this year, Pingyang, a mobile phone users were Xiemou remote lock screen, timely report to the police station. According to the Pingyang police police who provide clues and thanks to a QQ login information, will soon be arrested xiemou. The investigation, from May 2015 to September, a total of more than 420 machines to thank for the main mobile phone unlock fee, totaling more than 10 yuan. In court, the defendant Xiemou confessed to the facts of the crime, and regret their actions. The court held that the defendant Xiemou in violation of state regulations, the information system of the network storage, processing or transmission of data and applications to delete, modify, the consequences are especially serious, his behavior constituted the crime of destroying computer information system; in view of the crime is not over eighteen years of age, after justice can truthfully confessed his crimes, and actively restitution of illegal income, to reduce the punishment according to law. Accordingly, the court sentenced the defendant Xiemou imprisonment for four years. How to prevent the Apple phone is locked to pay attention to the phone account password security, safekeeping. Do not click on a strange link to log on Phishing sites. If anyone has any action on the account, be careful. In addition, the proper way to save the phone to buy a good document, once the account is stolen or locked, the need for Apple’s official customer service to help unlock the purchase certificate is an important evidence to prove the identity of the owner.相关的主题文章: