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Software There are so many questions we have in our mind; well first of all is there an electronic medical record system ready for the 21st century? Is there an affordable electronic medical record system? Can a good EMR system help to reduce my business’s medical liability expenses? 21st Century Specs You Need for Your EMR This is a time of fast-paced business. To be quite honest, your current EMR does not keep up with 21st century needs, than your medical practice will experience something similar to driving down a road filled with potholes. No matter how hard and fast you try to move, you will keep getting your practice knocked around until you finally have to pay more to get it fixed. Why not opt for an easy option? An EMR that can keep up with the needs of your practice? You can, but you must do your research Check the 21st century EMR specs. What does your current EMR have? This list, compiled by, consists of 24 EMR needs and how many of 88 current EMR systems actually meet them. Office schedule module- 32% 3rd party scheduling- 57% Billing module- 24% 3rd party billing- 63% Lab / HL7 interface- 57% Prescriptions- 81% Drug interactions- 49% EM ASP- 27% Internet access- 48% Dial in access- 75% Connection from separate locations- 77% Wireless- 77% Transcription compatible- 75% Voice recognition- 69% PDA compatible- 42% Handwriting recognition- 43% Digital imaging- 80% Freeform sketches- 49% Practice guidelines- 61% Reminders- 72% Reports- 76% Tracking- 74% PC Windows/Mac compatible- 9%. The right price for EMR the average set up cost of these 88 EMR systems is around $870; however, the average annual maintenance cost is $2,254 per year. I know it sounds strange many practices are getting knocked around by the potholes that their EMR systems create. But they are still driving into them at full speed, and it is costly. There is a huge market for more effective electronic medical records systems. That also means that there are a lot of users that regularly run into these potholes as well, and they don’t want to help pay for the repairs. Small practices spend an average of $150,000 per year in liability costs. When medical records are kept the same way college dorm rooms are kept. This makes sense, most practice are smart they and are looking for an EMR that works. The right EMR may be the best defensive medicine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: