to make users feel German atmosphere. For instance 相亲现奇葩条件 奥迪为广告道歉

Home-Improvement When refer to German, people will always have a idea that is the place where Beethoven deduce Destiny symphony, is the industrial power where Gustan Otto set up BMW, is the birth land that Nietzsche put forward postmodernism philosophyHowever, among the familiar German impressions, there is no good style which can most incisive express the rigorous, diligent, serious of German and German culture. In fact, in middle of 18 century, German record everything about German with a romantic artistic form, this style is called tangibly German culture, that is Marburg wall paper. Origin of Marburg wall paper In 1845, a German named Jobann Bertram Schaeder set up an exhibition hall which supplies professional design and collocation service of home and commercial space. However, with time pass and policy support of industrialization reform, Jobann Bertram Schaeder produce the first Marburg wall paper in 1889. The wall paper with luxuriant design and exquisite craftsman ship become the well-known brand of German even whole European. Time flies, Marburg wall paper which elaboration after family, has become an international famous brand which havent declined. When ask consumer why choose Marburg wall paper, their answer is same because it is German. Use wall paper to understand German In others eyes, because it is German is too exceeding. However if you read up the brand develop history of Marburg wall paper, you will found that it draws it mind. From the craftsman ship, Marburg wall paper experienced following processes: reconcile material wall paper and abstract material wall paper, first develop no-repeat pattern print technology and fine gauze fabric wall paper, to todays drape technology. In this period, Marburg wall paper is continuously perfect, research and develop, refresh own technology, and always keep a leading position of industry. From the products design, every products of Marburg wall paper will fuse with philosophy, music, history, humanity, to make users feel German atmosphere. For instance, you can feel you are in fairy tale from Beauty and Wild animal series; you can listen the touching music from Among flowers series; you can also enjoy another quiet of vacation from week eight series and so on. The advanced industrial technology, rich and colorful products design, brand spirit Marburg own, all of these not only reflect life manner of diligent, strict and serious of German, but also express the technology innovation ability of industrial power and countrys culture. Marburg wall paper is a pure German brand which every cell is branded with German medal. Marburg wall paper was born in German, but not limit in German. In nowadays, it has spread almost 80 countries in the world. Ten years old, Marburg wall paper came to China, made Chinese consumers feel distant and accurate of German quality, at the same time, Marburg push off many products with Chinese characteristics according to Chinese purchasing preference. The Marburg wall paper shows that Marburg wall paper will push off more products which more accord with Chinas actual conditions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: