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Best Practices For Coldfusion Programming Posted By: Ken Miller Coldfusion development services expert coldfusion dev Coldfusion development services Exploring Benefits Of Coldfusion Web Hosting For Ecommerce Websites Posted By: Srikrishna Das As a rapid web application development platform, ColdFusion enables programmers to create complex ecommerce applications within a stipulated timeframe. Adobe further updates the commercial internet development platform regularly to meet the latest trends in ecommerce development. Many businesses even opt for ColdFusion web hosting to design, develop and deploy internet applications rapidly. As the application server is built on a Java J2EE platform, it delivers enhanced speed and performance. Further, the programmers can easily optimize the performance of their ecommerce portals by integrating other widely used technologies like Java and Flash. Thus, they can enhance the look and feel of the ecommerce application by including videos, animations and graphics. There are also several benefits that make ColdFusion web hosting the best option to create ecommerce applications. ColdFusion Web Hosting Features that Boost Ecommerce Websites Dynamic Web Hosting Platform In comparison to other websites, ecommerce portals are more complex, and need to support heavy traffic. Along with browsing through the products and services, the ecommerce site must allow customers to pick up, order and make payment without any hassle. So the ecommerce websites are designed with many features and services to deliver rich user experience.coldfusion web development coldfusion developer Coldfusion development services coldfusion programmer coldfusion application development coldfusi coldfusion web development Coldfusion And Various Code Coverage Tools For Testing Applications Posted By: Ken Miller Code Coverage also known as Test Coverage helps in exactly measuring the number of executed arcs, blocks or lines of the code when you are running automated tests. A special tool is used for collection which instruments the binaries so that tracing calls can be added and you can run an entire set of automated tests against the product instrumented. Generally good tools show you the percentage of executed code as well as allow the drilling of data so that you can find out the exact executed code lines during a specific test. In fact, you can also locate application functionality by virtue of the tools. Some of the various tools that you can use are discussed here. ColdFusion or Rancho- ColdFusion is a name that most developers are familiar with. However, previously ColdFusion lacked in the department of code reporting tools. To make the framework even more formidable, an experimental tool known as Rancho was introduced. It is quite a great start. But there are certain limitations; it is expected that with time the tool will become a full-fledged one.Coldfusion development services coldfusion application dev Coldfusion development services Coldfusion Engagement With Soap Web Services Posted By: Ken Miller For ColdFusion, integration acts as an important focal point as well as key strength. Most messaging frameworks along with protocols for effective communication with various platforms are supported by ColdFusion; the same is applicable for web services. The architectural style categorizes web service into two main divisions- those based on SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol and REST or Representational State Transfer compliant ones. SOAP, the lightweight protocol is used for messaging systems or to invoke remote procedure cells so that information can be exchanged in distributed environment. Creation as well as consumption of SOAP-based ones are very easy for ColdFusion. Web services are technologies related to software which facilitate machine-to-machine communication through a network. All machines supposedly understand as well as process the Web Services Discovery Language or WSDL format which sets up engagement rules for the interaction. The rules are in turn enforced through sending of messages which are carried by SOAP envelopes. The popular protocols like SMTP, HTTP, etc are used for carrying as well as delivery of the envelopes. The interaction language between machines is XML or eXtensible Markup Language.coldfusion migration expert coldfusion developers web dev coldfusion migration How Far Can Online Businesses Go With Coldfusion? Posted By: Srikrishna Das With online businesses taking over the conventional brick and mortar trade, the need of the hour is to come up with new tools that would help in promotion as well as development of various types of online businesses in a seamless and unabated way, much in tune with the changing dynamics of the market and trend of consumerism. When we speak of that, it is ColdFusion that clearly enjoys a significant edge over other tools that are creating a buzz in the domain of online business or e-businesses as they are called. Truly as per the experts, ColdFusion has the ability to go a long way in developing online businesses. In other words, online businesses will be able to taste astounding success with the proper use of ColdFusion. Firstly, the tool is not at all expensive, and this indicates that businesses can have a significant amount of savings with the successful implementation of this software. In fact, if we look at the monthly subscription amount that ColFusion shopping cart asks for, it is generally $100 a month or less even with all the value added features that are needed by an online store for successful coldfusion developers Coldfusion development services custom coldfusion development company coldfusion web development coldfusion programme expert coldfusion developers The Advantages Of Developing Websites With Coldfusion Posted By: Ken Miller The ColdFusion software has been released by Adobe Systems and this programming language helps developers build, deploy as well as maintain powerful web applications efficiently. More interactive and dynamic applications can be created with its help which aids enterprises and businesses especially since websites built on this platform offer a number of advantages, attracting new customers, increasing sales and basically growing the customer base. Here are some of the benefits given to help gather the advantages associated with adopting this platform. Does not need test server- One really helpful feature that this platform has is the entire application which helps you write the language. After you are done with it, Apache or IIS can be used; but this application effectively acts as its very own test server when the script writing is being done which saves you from a lot of headaches. However, there is a disadvantage associated as well. Since its running is done on Java framework on the web, ColdFusion sometimes may be slow and unreliable. However, due to the Java support it is enabled to run on many operating systems which may not otherwise have been possible.Coldfusion development services Coldfusion programmers Coldfusion development services 6 Reasons Why Start Up Companies Use Coldfusion Posted By: Ken Miller The ongoing recessional phase of the economy is making it difficult for startup companies to develop robust web applications. On one hand, they have to impress clients by optimizing the aesthetic appeal and performance of their websites. On the other hand, they have to develop the website with limited timescale and resources. So the startup companies often look for a rapid web application development platform that will enable them to build robust internet applications. The latest version of ColdFusion comes with a set of features that complement the web application development projects of both existing and startup businesses. A startup can further avail several advantages by using ColdFusion to build websites, web applications and web services. Why Startup Companies Must Use ColdFusion 10? 1. Enhanced Scalability: Each website, nowadays, needs to be effective in receiving and processing a large number of user requests at a time. So developers have to test the application thoroughly to ensure that it is scalable. As a scalable platform, ColdFusion enables the application to handle heavy load. As the framework has supported several high-traffic websites, a startup can easily avail the advantage.web application development services web developers for hire web development Web development India web development services hire offshore develop web application development services Why Choose Coldfusion Over Php Or Any Other Web Language? Posted By: Srikrishna Das The choice of web programming language varies from one developer to another. As they have options to choose from a several web languages, programmers often choose the language that enables them to build dynamic and robust internet application at rapid pace. As a powerful web programming language, ColdFusion is being used widely by enterprises across the world. Adobe has further released ColdFusion 10 with a set of innovative and extended features to meet the latest trends in user choices and web application development. Coldfusion development services If you are evaluating different programming languages, it is a good idea to choose the right option according to the nature and specific requirements of the internet application. However, you can always consider using ColdFusion to avail a number of advantages. Also, the programming language is powerful enough to create web pages on the fly using the information and content stored on various databases. Along with building the internet application at a rapid pace, the language will further contribute towards enhancing its performance, scalability and security. Why Choose ColdFusion over Other Web Programming Languages? Tag-Based Scripting Language: ColdFusion has evolved as a tag-based web programming language.hire coldfusion programmers coldfusion programming coldfusion web application development coldfusion programmer coldfusion developer cold fusion hire coldfusion programmers What You Need To Know About Cfhttp, Ssl And Sni? Posted By: Srikrishna Das Adobe has released ColdFusion 10 with a set of innovative features to complement the current trends in rapid web application development. The latest version of the rapid web application development framework comes with language, security and HTML5 enhancements. At the same time, it also supports some of the advanced communication protocols to optimize the user experience. ColdFusion supports some of the widely used technologies like CFHTTP (ColdFusion HTTP), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and Server Name Indication (SNI). These technologies make it easier for programmers to optimize the performance, scalability and security of websites without writing lengthy code. CFHTTP For improving user experience, coldfusion application development teams often design web applications with features to access an external web page, and display the content as part of its own website. The functionality becomes much simpler and easier through the CFHTTP tag provided by ColdFusion. The tag will be used initially to do an HTTP call. Once the connection is established, the content of the external web page will be stored in cfhttp.filecontent which is a string variable. As a string can be manipulated flexibly, the content can be displayed as part of the website without putting any extra development services web application development web development Web development India web development services hire web developer hire software development services Why Outsource Coldfusion Reports Development Services? Posted By: Ken Miller Adobe released ColdFusion 10 in May 2012. The latest version of rapid web application development platform comes with a set of advanced features to meet the latest technological trends. Along with support for HTML 5 and RESTful web services, the updated version also comes with language enhancements and enhanced security. Also, a business has options to choose from the standard, enterprise and developer editions of the platforms. Along with developing powerful, dynamic and interactive websites and rich internet applications, ColdFusion 10 also allows users to develop a variety of reports. As reports have becomes an integral part of decision making and project management, each company can avail several benefits by using the right report development service. An organization also has option to outsource the report development service to avail a number of additional advantages. In addition to reducing operational expenses, the outsourcing of ColdFusion reporting services will further help a company in concentrating on its core business processes. As a business has options to choose from many ColdFusion development service providers, it becomes easier to find a developer who is trained, experiences and reliable. Advantages of Outsourcing ColdFusion Reports Development Services 1.coldfusion web application development coldfusion programmer coldfusion developers coldfusion migration coldfusion web development coldfusion pro coldfusion web application development Top 10 Benefits Of Using Coldfusion Posted By: Srikrishna Das A commercial rapid web application development platform, ColdFusion has several advantages and is preferred for its ability to deliver high performance in any language. ColdFusion fits perfectly well into the prominent server systems. Therefore, websites using this platform can be integrated into varying databases. Let us look into the primary benefits of ColdFusion: 1. Allows for Secure Applications- ColdFusion enables developers to ensure additional security of the servers thereby preventing them from getting affected by cross-site scripting (XSS) or cross-site requests forgery (CSRF). This is done by means of sanitizing user input by using built- in functions. The enhanced log-in mechanisms increase the authenticity of the applications. The new secure profile allows developers to enable the default security settings across the server. The RSA BSAFE Crypto-J libraries provide FIPS 140a certified strong encryption. 2. Offers the Most Advanced HTML5 WebSockets and Charts- ColdFusion accompanies an excellent built-in support for HTML5, as a result of which, developers can create a range of applications including E-commerce, Web-based games, online podcasts, online collaboration, social networking, etc.Coldfusion web application development Coldfusion developers Coldfusion programmer Coldfusion programming Coldfusion migration Coldfusion web dev Coldfusion web application development 11 Solid Reasons Why Developers Choose Coldfusion Posted By: Ken Miller ColdFusion, one of the premier programming languages launched for making web application easy was originally the brainchild of Allaire. It was first introduced to the market in 1995 and subsequently went onto become an Adobe product, presently being sold as well as produced by Adobe. The web application development language today holds the credit of being in the market for the longest time. Well, it is to be noted that ColdFusion actually is two things rolled into one. It is not only a language, but also an application server. The software makes use of the ColdFusion language commonly referred to as CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) for writing applications that will be running on that server. However, the programming language can also be integrated on the top of several other application servers, offering a simple and alternate scripting syntax specifically for high-end servers. The CFML language usually facilitates the creation of powerful applications easily as well as quickly. Some interesting facts on ColdFusion state it to be the top commercial application server as well as the second to ASP in published pages. The programming language is used in a range of applications that include e-commerce sites, dynamic websites, and portals.coldfusion programmer coldfusion programming coldfusion migration coldfusion web development web development coldfusion coldfusion cms coldfusio coldfusion programmer Discover Easy Yet Powerful Development Capabilities With Coldfusion Posted By: Ken Miller Adobe has released the updated version of ColdFusion with a set of advanced features to meet the latest trends in rapid web application development. Some of these features enable web application developers to embrace futuristic technologies like HTML5 WebSockets, HTML5 video player, RESTful web services support and HTML5 enhancements. ColdFusion 10 also offers a set of features that makes it easier for programmers to build dynamic and interactive internet applications. Along with saving the time required for writing longer lines of code, the features like strong encryption libraries, database enhancements, enhanced caching and security enhancements further make it easier for the developers to deploy the application in a hassle-free way. If you are planning to migrate to the latest version of ColdFusion, it is time to have a look at some of the key features that makes it easier to develop and deploy a variety of web applications. That will help you evaluate ColdFusion development services providers better. Some of the Easy yet Powerful Development Capabilities provided by ColdFusion 10 1. Advantages of Java Libraries: The updated version of the rapid web application development platform is designed by integrating Java and ColdFusion.coldfusion developers coldfusion web application development coldfusion programming coldfusion developer coldfusion migration coldfusion web deve coldfusion developers Coldfusion Offers Seamless Integration With Html5 Posted By: Steve Nellon As the new standard for HTML, HTML5 elements and APIs are supported by major web browsers. HTML5 is designed with a set of features based on HTML, JavaScript, CSS and DOM. Along with reducing the need for external plug-ins, replacing script with markups, and handling errors effectively, the technology is also designed as device independent. Many developers have already started using HTML5 to build web2.0 websites and web applications. The growing popularity of the new standard has encouraged many companies to upgrade their web application development platforms with seamless integration with HTML5. Adobe launched ColdFusion 10 with full support for HTML. The support will make it easier for developers to build variety of web application that offers richer user experience. The feature can also be used by programmers without having any prior HTML5 knowledge and experience. In addition to developing new websites and web applications, the support further enables developers to optimize the performance of existing websites without rewriting the code. The upgraded version of ColdFusion also comes with a set of innovative features that helps programmers in building web applications regardless of the type of device used by the end-users.Hire Web programmer cold fusion coding cold fusion developer coldfusion application development coldfusion developer coldfusion developers coldf Hire Web programmer Why Develop Websites With Coldfusion? Posted By: Steve Nellon Each company wants to develop powerful, compelling and dynamic websites at a rapid pace. Many companies also like to use rapid web application development technologies that are portable, scalable and fast. As a rapid web application development platform, ColdFusion allows developers to build a variety of websites without putting any extra time and effort. Based on the requirements of the project, ColdFusion can be used a programming language as well as an application server. Adobe has further released ColdFusion 10 with a set of innovative features to meet the latest trends in website and internet application development. Why Develop Websites with ColdFusion 10? Rapid Web Application Development The constant changes in technology and user choices have made web application development both complex and competitive. Most companies, nowadays, look for options to build robust applications without investing any extra resources. As a powerful application server, ColdFusion allows developers to build high quality and customized websites and web applications at a rapid rate. Unlike other programming languages, ColdFusion does not require programmers to write lengthy and complex codes. So the programmers can build dynamic and robust websites without taking any extra time.coldfusion programmers coldfusion development cold fusion developer Coldfusion development services coldfusion application development coldfusion coldfusion programmers Adobe Coldfusion Roadmap: Tracking The Future Directions Posted By: Srikrishna Das cold fusion coding coldfusion development services india coldfusion experts india coldfusion programmers india offshore coldfusion development co cold fusion coding 5 Solid Reasons To Hire A Coldfusion Consultant Posted By: Srikrishna Das In the present business scenario, it is indeed imperative to stay ahead of the competition. In fact, you need to constantly look for those substances that make your business model distinct and more significantly, more effective than the others. An efficient way to do so is to go for an interactive and dynamic website leveraging ColdFusion from Adobe. ColdFusion is in fact a scripting language which is somewhat similar to HTML, on the grounds that it is tag oriented and comparatively convenient to use. The websites that are developed in this particular language are different from the static web pages as by using ColdFusion, the pages are dynamically constructed prior to delivering it across the web server. Given all this, it is indeed obvious that your business would be making use of this technology to the utmost advantage. ColdFusion Classes offer businesses and companies a stage for their developers to indulge in the creation of feature-rich Internet applications. This is a much sought after application as developers are aware of the fact that their work has been produced with the security aspect in mind. Hiring a ColdFusion Consultant can indeed boost your business presence and productivity.Hire web programmer Cold fusion coding Coldfusion development services India Offshore coldfusion development Coldfusion development company India Hire web programmer Coldfusion Application Development By Coldfusion Programmers & Developers Posted By: Etisbew Corp ColdFusion Application Development ColdFusion Services ColdFusion Application Development Coldfusion Services Posted By: Etisbew Corp Before we discuss what ColdFusion Development services or programming is it is necessary to understand the basic term ColdFusion. ColdFusion is a simple programming environment that enables developers to create strong server side application swiftly. When creating server side application with ColdFusion there is a need to use lesser codes than all other technologies such as PHP and ASP. ColdFusion integrates many internet technologies like Java, XML, web services etc. there are two main elements of ColdFusion the ColdFusion server and the ColdFusion templates. There two are the main elements while understanding ColdFusion though there are other elements which make the ColdFusion solutions possible. There are many companies around the world providing the ColdFusion services. The main services which the ColdFusion Development Services provide are enabling the website developers to build dynamic, complication and large websites. Along with building websites it increases the productivity of the company for which the website is being crafted both during its maintenance and development. With using the ColdFusion services websites can perform plethora of actions like it allows users to upload files, allows having member area via the login page.ColdFusion Development ColdFusion Outsourcing ColdFusion Development Real Estate Property Management Application Using Coldfusion Posted By: Ruth Jackson ColdFusion is a commercial, enterprise level, application server product from Adobe. ColdFusion is designed to be a high availability, rapid application development platform for web applications. In addition to technically superior features what make ColdFusion more useful and relevant are its tight integration with Flex/Flash/AIR and other Adobe technologies. Plus in-built monitoring tools and frequent releases make it a favorite among enterprises. At Mindfire we have been working in ColdFusion for a long time now and over the years we have accumulated a lot of knowledge in the technologies and frameworks involved. We have hands on experience in working in frameworks like ColdBox, FuseBox, MachII and ColdSpring. Having worked for so many years in ColdFusion application and ColdFusion Web Application Development, we know the benefits of using this technology for application development. Instead of highlighting all the features of CF let me put up a small write up on a real life client situation. This would give you a real life idea on what all can be done using CF.ColdFusion Web Application Development Hire ColdFusion developers Custom ColdFusion development services ColdFusion Development Expert ColdFusion ColdFusion Web Application Development 相关的主题文章: