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SEO Do you have a 2013 budget plan for your digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago? If so, are you certain it is set up for success? Knowing where to put your marketing money is as important as knowing how much you want to spend. Here are a few studies and predictions that could help you evaluate your plan. This year’s numbers Spending on marketing increased. That’s right, many studies, including one from the Financial Times and Doremus shows that more of corporate spending increased, rather than decreased across nearly all categories. Most notably, in advertising and marketing. Marketing Profs and the Content Marketing Institute conducted a survey this year on budgets and trends. They found that the top 3 tactics for business to business marketing usage in 2012 were articles, social media, and blogs. Strongmail and Zoomerang determined that in 2012, 68% of marketers integrated their email marketing and social media efforts. Read: Why Integrating Email Marketing in Trinidad and Tobago with Social Media is a Win Next Year’s Predictions What last year’s numbers tell us, is that digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago was spread across numerous channels, especially content marketing and mobile. So what does that mean for 2013? It would be easy to say, more of the same. We think it should be some of the same, with a deeper knowledge of strategy and consumer behavior. Business 2 Community, a source for news and trends in business, put out their view of 13 marketing trends for 2013. Among the list, of course, were mobile marketing, content marketing, and social enterprise. Also on the list, strategic social media. They foresee social shifting from tactical (setting up a page) to strategic use. Read: Determining Goals for Social Media Marketing in Trinidad and Tobago Another tactic of note in the trends list was Big Data. This one really entered the radar in 2012, and is expected to continue growing well into 2014. So, now is the time to understand Big Data and get on board. Essentially, it is the gathering and evaluating of consumer information to create a big picture of consumer behavior across channels. This should help you to target your digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago more accurately. We will look into Big Data more thoroughly in an upcoming post. What about SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will always be of high value for digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago. This is one area where guidelines, penalties and rewards are tightening up. For a while, the SEO world was crowded with fly-by-night outfits cheating the system. Keyword stuffed blogs and meaningless content prompted changes. With SEO constantly in flux, it’s wise to be aware of where you can help yourself, and where you could be hurting yourself. Google recently rolled out another Panda update. It will look for sites with low quality content and penalize them. For more details on what’s expected for SEO next year, check out B2C’s: Top 5 SEO Projections for 2013. This includes taking advantage of Google Author Rank, and also how guest blogging will be devalued. All in all, whether you plan to spend more, or spend the same on your digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago, spending wisely is the key. Know where you want to put your money, and why. Have a plan that goes beyond the superficial. If you’d like to speak with experts about where you need to focus your efforts, we can help you determine a course of action, and make the most of your marketing budget. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: