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Travel-and-Leisure Vancouver Vacations: Great Winter Vacations There is a misconception that vacationing in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the winters is not a good idea at all but the truth cannot be any farther from this statement. There are awesome things to do no matter what time of the year it is, whether it is summers or the winters. If you plan to visit Vancouver for a vacation during the winters, you dont have to worry as you will have the most awesome time ever. If you are fond of skating or not, you will have a fabulous time on the skating rinks in Vancouver and this will actually become amazing memories for you to cherish forever. There are also some awesome ski slopes in Vancouver and you can easily reserve a skiing trip for yourself and have the most memorable experience ever. Apart from the various sports options you can also go shopping, visit the amusement parks and museums, eat at the many exotic restaurants, visit the casinos or just have a great time in the bars in Vancouver. Vancouver Vacations: Things to do in the spring While planning a vacation to Vancouver in British Columbia, you should definitely keep in mind the time of the year that you will going there with your family. Many tourists think that spring is not the perfect time to visit because of the damp weather but thats not true and you can still have plenty of fun as the weather is generally mild. Beaches are the place to be in the spring time and you can indulge in water sports to make it even more enjoyable. You will also be able to enjoy the amazing views of the snow capped mountains that are made in the winters and at the same time take pleasure in the cold breezes off the sea. While vacationing in Vancouver, it is guaranteed that you will have innumerable things to keep you entertained in the spring break such as shopping, visiting amusement parks and the museums, playing golf and water sports, or just relaxing in the beautiful city. Vancouver Vacations: Visiting the Amusement Parks For a family vacation to work out beautifully for every member of the family, it is of paramount importance that you plan trips to the amusement parks in Vancouver, British Columbia. There are so many entertainment options available within the plethora of amusement parks that you will be astounded. The best thing you could do for your kids is to take them to the Playland Amusement park in Vancouver where they will be able to play water sports, take fun rides, have lots of candy, amuse themselves by playing games and generally have a great time sightseeing. If your family is interested in water sports and having fun together, then going to the Kitsilano Pool with your family will be a very good idea to spice up your vacation a bit and have an amazing time. In order to have a wonderful vacation with your loved ones in Vancouver, the best thing to do is try to visit the amusement parks in the region. Vancouver Vacations: The Best Restaurants One good thing that comes with traveling is experiencing the many kinds of cuisines and cultures. Any restaurant is judged on its food quality, service efficiency and atmosphere provided within the four walls. Following the same criteria, points were given to a list of restaurants in Vancouver. Blue Water Caf is one of such many fine restaurants. Its Mascarpone Cheesecake is out of this world. Many famous personalities are seen dining at this caf. Simply Thai is another great place to eat at. Operated and run by Thai locals, this restaurant has an open kitchen so one can easily see what is being cooked. It is great option if you are interested in spicy and exotic flavors. The Raincity Grill is known as the best restaurant in the entire west side of Canada. It boasts of a huge selection of cheese and varieties of fish. The Provence Marinaside and Le Bistro Chez Michel are two other superior quality restaurants in Vancouver. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: