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Outsourcing British Columbia Provincial Nominee program is a method which can help you to obtain — both permanent residences and work permit. This program is for employees living and working in Canada as well as for those who are living in the country and also for those who are currently not present there. This program is specifically for skilled employees and those capable entrepreneurs who are ready to make investment and establish their business in the Maple Country. Both provincial and federal government departments are involved in this program. The process requires one to two months to be completed through the BC provincial nominee program. Otherwise, it can take as long as eight months. The program is administered by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The procedure has following steps: Application form Fee payment form Nominee information form Guaranteed job form, recommendation letter from employer Copy of job acceptance letter with job profile mentioned on it Information release form. It includes BC provincial nominee program specific forms and documents, as well as copies of the Federal permanent resident application forms, Work permit application, Police checks and medical test documents, etc. Detailed documentation varies depending on the category, you want to apply for. The categories under British Columbia Provincial Nominee program are: Business Immigrants Strategic Projects and Regional Business The first category, i.e., business immigrants, determines the business entrepreneurship capability of an immigration applicant. The immigrant applying under this category is expected to invest in and actively manage an eligible business in the country. Business immigrant is checked on the basis of three parameters — business skills, net worth and investment capabilities. It also considers things, like location, employment generated, business experience at some managerial post, etc. The net worth has to be at least $800,000. Investment required is $400,000. Ownership required is 33.33% and minimum 3 full time jobs should be generated for citizens. In this process, there are two ways — normal step-by-step and fast-track. Fast-track method reduces time period in exchange of $125000. Approval of application is not mandatory. To accept the capital or reject, is administrations choice. Now over to the strategic projects! It helps employers to fulfill their requirement of workforce beyond the countrys boundaries. Requirements for this category include a valid job letter or post graduate degree completed at the BC in natural, applied or health sciences. A joint application from employee and employer is also needed. Under this category, the applicants are selected on the basis of certain parameters, like skills, academic qualification, etc. Now under Regional Business head those immigrant applicants apply who want to establish business outside Vancouver and the Abbotsford metropolitan areas. The net worth of such immigrant has to be a minimum Canadian $400,000. The minimum investment required to establish eligible business is CDN $200000. Part ownership is similar to other two categories 33.33%. At least one job for Canadian citizen should be generated. The business skills and experience are also considered while granting approval. Meeting these minimum requirements doesnt insure approval of immigration application. Applications can be rejected on the basis of illegal or prohibited stay in Canada. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: