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Business Its crazy but many business people spending more than 40 hours per week at their offices, the need is greater than ever for business gifts that bring the ease and comforts of home to the office. This concept began with business logo coffee mugs, which provided advertising while also giving office-dwellers a way to enjoy their morning beverage the way they did at home, instead of drinking from a paper cup. The market has expanded well beyond coffee mugs now, and includes collapsible cups that make drinking from the water cooler easier (and more eco-friendly, too). As people work longer hours at their desks, there is now a greater need for personal grooming items in the workplace. all your clients who need to look their best on the job will welcome comb kits and mirrors as business gifts, to help them spiff up at their desks. Women especially appreciate cosmetic brushes, but potential clients of both genders will make good use of lint brushes to stay well-groomed. And everyone will rest easier knowing an emergency sewing kit is nearby to make away-from-home clothing repairs possible, in case of a famous wardrobe malfunction. Print your company’s name and contact information on a card magnifier so your customers will be taking a close look at you on a daily basis as they study the fine print in contracts or phone listings. Choose imprinted pillboxes as your business gifts, and they’ll see your company’s name two to four times a day, as they take care of their medication needs on the go. Major studies have shown imprinted logo promotional products have greater impact on a daily basis than traditional print ads. Beat print ads! Their cost efficiency is unparrelled to TV or radio as your name is next to your traditional clients. Promotional logo products are just another leg in your marketing efforts that should include websites, traditional advertising, catalogs, trade shows, sales efforts via telephone as well as leave behind thank you gifts of inexpensive promotional products with the ability to have your name and contact info working 10% for you on a daily basis. From the back of cerealand food cartons to mail in offers, including them as thank you’s when shipping out your products, a special little thank you goes a long way to keep your name in the mind of your most important clients. Ways to give your clients these handy items are at trade shows, during sales calls, with catalog mailings and at community events. Personal imprinted products might represent your best business gift investment. They help your potential customers make the workplace a real "home away from home." About the Author: Julius Rosen has been involved as a promotional products specialist with the business gift, premium and advertising specialty industry for over 30 years. He runs which provides low cost custom imprinted promotional products such as pens, key tags and squeeze balls. Additional articles on promotional products usage are available here => Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: