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Hardware Here also take this IBM Think Pad 42T4511 Laptop Battery for instance, it sacrificed quietly after half a year presevation in the closet. As to how to preseve the battery, there are some misunderstandings. Here will give you a thorough description. Battery needs full power (or empty) to preserve ? Whether full or empty, they are actually not correct. Empty batteries will lose their activity if preserved for long time, or even lead to the control circuit protection self-locking and can no longer use. the full power will has potential security risk. the best way is to keep it with 40% capacity. In addition, the lithium battery should be away from humidity and high temperature environment. That is to say, a cool and dry place is preferred, or the capacity will be reduced. Generally, about 20 degrees Celsius is ideal for preservation. This 42T4511 Laptop Battery was put in the closet for half a year because its owner had a study journey in California. He just left it in full power under the hot and damp season. Guess the result? Sure, he sent it to the after sale center for help. When the battery is out of work, you can change your batteries by yourself ? Many people try to change the battery by themselves. This is the vital decision. It seems that the manufacturers prospect that people will do so. They add self-locking function to the battery. Once the batteries are out of the control circuit, the circuit will enter the self-locking state. Only specific means can unlock. Before that, the control circuit will not work. That is to say, the battery is the scrape. If you have to change batteries, remember to ask professional company to do this job. You are not expert, so dont ruin your battery. After 99% capacity but less than 100%, continue to charge may lead to explode ? 42T4511 Laptop Battery This is accepted by some users. To be honest, the possibility of the explosion is the same as that of the ten million dollars lottery. Ive encountered once the battery cover melted because of the overheating, but Ive never seen the explosion. Though there are few reports about the battery explosion, but rarely cause fire. Actually, the explosion is out of the inferior battery. At present, there are temperature examine circuit to protect the battery. If you come across the same situation of this 42T4511 Laptop Battery , remember to take preliminary action for your laptop battery. That is the power center of the laptop. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: