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Business With so many attractive and contemporary alternatives available in the market for clothing, fur is simply unnecessary to use. This is simply an icon to show your riches, which indeed take lives of many living creatures around. So why indulge in such life taking fashion sense, be greener and live with peace. Animals also have full right to share our planet as we do, without being in fear of threat or abuse. They also have their own lifestyle and behaviors. What if one fine day someone takes all your belongings and clothes without any reason and you are left around with nothing? What will you do then? Then why cant human think same about the fellow creatures? Animals also are living creatures and cannot be just used as a commodity by human beings. Every year, more than 50 million animals around the world are forcibly killed in the name of Fashion. Some fall prey to human traps and others spend their entire lives in cruel conditions in fur farms across the globe before being slaughtered either for food or to fulfill any unwanted human need. Another source of fur is slaughter farms, in which hundreds of thousands of creatures, including young born are brutally killed to get their fur. This is the dreadful reality of the fur industry which takes lives of so many fellow creatures on the earth. The fur industry is a threat to our environment and wildlife as this is majorly responsible for reductions in populations of wild animals, including endangered and threatened species. This is just not taking the lives of such species but also resulting in higher energy costs, pollution, and land destruction thus effecting the environment to greater extent. Globally, most of the fur used in linen comes from the animals raised on fur farms where they are forced to live in cramped confined conditions that fail to accommodate their natural behavior and habitat. Failing to get their normal necessities these animals die. Approximately 30 million animals are raised in cages and killed worldwide for fur every year. These animals are sometime even killed to take out the fur without destroying its quality, and in which these creatures become innocent prey. Methods of killing on fur farms include breaking the animals neck, gassing, lethal injection, genital electrocution and anal electrocution. Usual animal sources for fur clothing and fur trimmed accessories include fox, rabbit, mink, beavers, ermine, otters, sable, seals, cats, dogs, coyotes, chinchilla, and possum. Since no market or product can profit without customers interest, we can put our efforts in the fight against animal fur purchase. Every individual can contribute to this cause by avoiding purchase of any such commodity that is endangering the life of animals. There are many Organizations for Animal Abuse and Organizations for Animal Cruelty that help support for this cause. This Organizations for Animal Cruelty take initiative steps to teach people that the way they spend their money can make a difference in the lives of animals. Organizations for Animal Cruelty is opposed to the trapping and killing of wildlife, and the confinement and killing of animals on fur farms. Today many Celebrity Animal Lovers are coming forward to support this cause and acknowledge the U.S.A citizens all the possible ways to avoid indulging this life taking act. They are the public icons and fashion starts from them, so they are making initiatives to use non animal fur for their clothes that avoid any killing and abuse to the voiceless creatures. All can join hands with these Celebrity Animal Lovers and their Protest against using animal fur to make your planet greener. Learn more about About the Author: 相关的主题文章: