Personalizing your phone with hip hop ringtones is not only easy 52岁诞下龙凤胎 杜特尔特车队遇袭

Mobile-Cell-Phone Nowadays cell phones do way more than just make phone calls, and everyone is looking for different ways to make their phone stand out from the rest. You can download games and cool wallpaper from your mobile carrier’s website. You can even get different cases to house your device in. But the best thing to do to make your phone unique is to download hip hop ringtones. Ringtones are sounds or song clips on your phone to indicate when a new call is coming in or when you are getting a voice or text message. You can assign a different sound to each of your contacts so you know who’s calling without even looking at the display. Hip hop is one of the most versatile musical genres because it encompasses music of a wide range and many different artists. Everything from upbeat tempos to slow, deep bass lines are used in this musical art form, so you have a lot of options for deciding which song to use to help make your cellular a true reflection of you. There are a couple different ways to get ringtones onto your phone, and while each phone model is different, the concept is the same. As mentioned before you can visit your carrier’s website or online media store. Most phones come programmed with direct access to the store so you just need to go to the application on your device and search for the artist or song clip you want to download. You can also do a search for ringtones in your preferred search engine. A lot of sites offer free downloads for many popular songs. Just be sure that the files are legal to download and that they are in a format that is compatible with your phone’s make and model. Another method is to transfer the clip from your computer via the cell phone’s data link or Bluetooth. This method works best if you want to use a sound you made yourself, if the song you want is not available from your carrier’s media store, or if there is a specific part of the song you want to use. The process is pretty easy to do it yourself. Open your computer’s digital media application, such as iTunes or Windows Media Player, select the song you want to use and follow the directions for making a clip. Then connect the phone to your computer -either with the data transfer cable or through Bluetooth- and drop the file into the music folder on your phone. For specifics on this process, refer to the user manual that came with the phone, or do a search online. There are many resources available that will walk you through the short process step by step. The music clips you make are usually very small, and most phones can handle ringtones that are ten to twenty seconds long. Since the files don’t use a lot of storage space, you can have a lot of tones and use them for different things. Assign a new tone to each of your contacts, or change the tone on the alarm so you can wake up to a song. You can even use a different tone for different moods. Happy? Choose something upbeat and high energy! Sad? Go with something slower. It’s completely up to you! Personalizing your phone with hip hop ringtones is not only easy, it’s fun to do. When you’re standing in the store and your cellular phone starts playing the latest track by today’s hottest artist, people will know you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the music scene, and that you’re pretty tech savvy, too. So what are you waiting for? Start customizing your mobile phone today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: