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Auctions Why is it that people, including Filipinos, have come to choose to buying a condominium rather than their own house? A few years ago, condominiums became very popular, particularly with single and the newly weds. This is because of several benefits that they could attain from owning a condo rather than a whole house. So what are these advantages that made condos one of the best selling Philippines properties for sale? Advantages of Owning a Condo Other than living in luxury, condominiums are also known for its advantages compared to owning a house. These includes maintenance, security, location, price, and amenities. * Maintenance o Because condominiums are usually smaller compared to spacious houses, tenants could easily maintain the whole unit without too much effort. Paid staffs also maintain the whole community. This includes repainting, gardening, pool cleaning, maintenance of the whole parking slots, and other things. * Security o Other than paid maintenance, condominiums are also known for its security. The condominium administrator usually hire security personnel to keep the place safe from any elements such as burglary. Security devices such as fire detection units and fire extinguisher are also ready for such emergencies. * Location o The one feature that makes condominiums popular are its locations, either from a peaceful retreat or in the heart of a bustling city. Popular locations are usually in business areas, such as in Makati in the Philippines. This makes it easier for people to get to work without having to worry about rush hour. * Amenities o Condominiums have amenities that you could not otherwise afford, such as swimming pools or tennis courts, there own community center with exercise rooms and much more. Condominiums are ideal homes for people without children or some with a very small family. Disadvantages Other than advantages, there are also several disadvantages in choosing a condo over a house Philippines properties for sale, which usually depends on the status of a person. Disadvatanges to owning a condo includes monthly fees, rules and restrictions, as well as not appropriate for extended families. * Monthly fees o If there is a homeowners association, you will usually have to pay a monthly maintenance fee that is separate from any other bills. These fees are used to maintain a condominium’s livability. Other than maintenance, these fees are also used for different security measures. * Restrictive Rules o Condominiums are usually covered with different set of rules and regulations. Although some of these are justifiable, some may seem a little bit restrictive. Some restrictions may include the minimum number of tenants in one unit, the age limit, pet restriction, as well as renovations to one’s own unit. Renovations are usually subject to approval before the administration could allow it. * Unappropriate for larger families o Because condos are usually smaller and are under several restrictions, bigger families, especially those with extended families, are not suitable to live in one condo unit.For more information visit to our site at About the Author: 相关的主题文章: