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Win Back Girlfriend Tips – 3 Ways – How To Get Ex Girlfriend Back The worst feeling in the world is when you want to win back your girlfriend. It’s uncomfortable because you wish you hadn’t lost her in the first place, and now you’re in the "damage zone." If you want to know how to get back your ex-girlfriend, you have to use some very unorthodox techniques to make it work. I’m going to give you my 3 "Win Back Girlfriend Tips." These secrets won’t guarantee you’ll get her back, but if you don’t get your ex-girlfriend back this way, you wouldn’t have gotten her back any other way. Win Back Girlfriend Tip 1: Get some distance. It’s a heartbreaking situation, I know. I’ve had more heartbreak than I care to remember. But if you go right back and try to win back your ex girlfriend right away, chances are you’ll completely ruin your chances with her. You’re sad, mad, and confused. You’re emotions are probably all over the board. Desperation even sneaks in and tries to mess with your head. You might even – ugh – drunk dial her in the middle of the night. And trust me, that’s the worst way to try to win back your girlfriend. That’s why you have to get some distance. Stay away from her for at least two weeks. Give her the time she needs to start missing you a little. Let her feel a little of the ache and doubt of being alone for a while. No calls, no contact of any kind. If you go chasing after her right away, you’re going to push her even further away by showing a lack of self control. And you’ll make it easy for her to remember why she dumped you in the first place. So back off for a while so that she can start to wonder… If you’re afraid that she’s going to find someone else during this time, don’t worry. She’s just as emotionally dazed as you are. And if you really want to kill your chances with her, getting jealous on her will really do the trick. You’re both in the same hole right now. The only question is who will have more emotional self-control to handle it – you or her? Win Back Girlfriend Tip 2: Get back in your groove. Whatever patterns you are in right now, chances are they included your girlfriend. If you want to win back ex girlfriend, you need to break those old habits – for a while – and get back into your own groove. Plus, you need to revive your sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Nothing beats on your confidence more than a breakup, and you need to be ultra-confident to win back your ex-girlfriend. This means it’s all about YOU right now. – Go back to the gym (if you haven’t been going.) – Get back out and re-connect with your guy friends over a beer. – Go buy a new set of clothes that makes you feel like a rock star. – Go see the latest hardcore action movie. You’ve got to rebuild your sense of confidence and self-esteem, because if you try to win back your ex-girlfriend with that aching hole in your soul, you’re going to be ignored faster than your grandmother at a fraternity keg party. Win Back Girlfriend Tip 3: Get back in the game. There are two sides to this tip. If you want to get back your ex girlfriend, you have to be desirable. Which means that the more attractive you are to other women, the more likely your ex-girlfriend will second-guess herself and think about taking you back. Remember this rule: Women want what other women want. So after your two weeks of freedom, you should get out there and start meeting women and talking to women again. It doesn’t mean you’ve given up on your attempt to win back your girlfriend; it just means you’re a man who knows his value and is regaining his confidence. (Plus, if you don’t end up with your ex girlfriend, you’ll be in a lot better state emotionally and socially.) The other side to this tip is that you need to get back in HER game. This means you need to start finding ways to get back with your ex girlfriend again. Start light and work your way up. – Call her at a time when you’re pretty sure she won’t answer. Leave a short message: "Hey, it’s me. Just wanted to call and see how you’re doing. Gimme a call sometime." (Make that call from a party or where there’s a little social background noise just to let her know you’re not incapacitated with grief.) – Go someplace where she usually hangs out and try for a random encounter. When you finally do reconnect, be happy and upbeat. Suggest a get-together or quick drink out somewhere social. The key is to not get serious too fast. The more she thinks you’re slipping away from her, the better. That’s the motivation she will need to want to get back with you. 相关的主题文章: