Site-Promotion Is Unique Article Review Still Effective 加班10天给10万 郭晶晶小女儿首曝

Site-Promotion Is Unique Article Review Still Effective? Obviously I think so because I am still using it as a mainstay for my article marketing and article syndication. But the question comes up because some people are having difficulty getting the same kind of positive and lasting results. If you have heard that spinning is no longer acceptable by search engines that is not really accurate. Bad spinning has never been accepted by search engines and lousy articles do not rank well either. Google does appreciate the good quality content and fresh perspective and that comes from good spinning. I confess I have not had much trouble with the drop-offs in traffic that other people are describing, except with one site. How long does the your article continue to send backlinks and traffic to your site? Well, that is going to depend on many factors. If this is happening for your websites it is time for a closer look. There are different ways to revive that article and the flow of links and traffic. It seems that all syndication services have some sort of footprint recognized by search engines now. And in some ways that is fairly obvious. The articles are almost always the same length and structure. The appearance of a static hyperlink for the identical anchor text is almost a sure giveaway. The overuse of the identical resource box is another type of footprint that is hard to ignore. With UAW you can rotate multiple resource boxes for each article and that is recommended. Don’t kid yourself. There is more to this program than just a quick submit and forget your article. Take the time to learn how to use some of its additional features to improve you traffic results. You can benefit by creating some other sites that you can link to from your article. You will find that many of them will continue to send you backlinks long after the article has been submitted and dispersed around the world. Also it should be a no-brainer for you to apply different anchor texts and urls for your articles. Another approach is to increase your web presence with some Web 2.0 sites such as HubPages. They need to be content rich. You already know that your articles will be sent to many sites and result in direct traffic. Send the direct traffic to your hubs, raise their ranking and they will continue to direct traffic to your main site long after your article has been dispersed. Remember Unique Article Wizard allows you to resubmit your revised articles after a while. Analyze which parts of your sites can benefit most from increased traffic and revise your anchor texts and urls accordingly. Then revise your article and resubmit to start seeing a fresh flow of authentic targeted traffic. Learn how to use the tools you have and then work to improve how they work for you and you will discover even more online business success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: