A car drives the rapid development of the National Day travel car rental market kaya scodelario

A car drives the rapid development of the National Day travel car rental market just past the National Day golden week, holiday economy force is obvious. The reporter visited the car market to understand, because during the national day of Expressway on the mini bus toll free, people travel enthusiasm drive. According to the National Tourism Administration issued the National Day holiday tourism market report shows that the 2016 National Day golden week a total of 593 million tourists trips, an increase of 12.8%, total tourism income of 482 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 14.4%. Tourism market blowout, but also led to the national day car rental market unpopular. A car relevant responsible person has previously said orders for the National Day this year is at least two times last year, the focus of tourism city north of Guangzhou and Hangzhou, first-tier cities Chongqing, Chengdu and Kunming are hard to find a car "situation. In an interview, the reporter learned that a lot of people in favor of self driving during the eleven travel or car home to visit relatives. Public Joe told reporters that in previous years, the National Day holiday, he is with his wife and children and their parents to travel by car. "A rare seven day holiday, a travel is very happy, the family can also enhance feelings." Miss Tan is a public officer, usually very busy, vacation is less, the National Day holiday she intended to drive out of a turn. "I’d like to have a couple of friends with a car." Mr. Wang one family had originally planned to take the train to play, can be thought to want to, finally think car easy to go out. "The main consideration to more places, if you go with the travel agencies, the time and the attractions of the restrictions, not very convenient; while car than by train, bus car comfortable to play, which is willing to go, can adjust the travel route at any time, so free." It is understood that this year the rapid development of the domestic car rental market, which stems from changes in people’s consumption habits, or the need to upgrade consumption. In the past, with the group tour is the mainstream, or by public transport scenic spots. With the rise of the young consumer groups, and car rental concept further popularization, more 80, 90 after the start of the leading tourism form, the rental is more comfortable and free landing driving, short driving, closer to their consumption habits." At present, a car in the more than and 200 city set up more than 2 thousand and 500 direct service outlets, comprehensive coverage of the domestic key city and tourist city, can also place the car in the form of more self driving travel form of flexible and diverse, but also can provide a powerful self driving travel offsite logistical support, whether it is travel or business travel, have more imagination, can meet the needs of various travel car.相关的主题文章: