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Zhangzhou high way a group of small cattle wandering cattle in another run (Figure) – small cattle were rushed to the drainage ditch Herald News (reporter Guo Qin Lin Xiaoqi correspondent Lu Shaoyong Huang Xiaohong to Ventura) slowly on the highway on the ground shook his head and tail, smell the smell. The morning of October 8th, a group of cattle in Zhangzhou Gure port high-speed Street "meal", actually from the export side road speed, "hanging out". At 10 o’clock that day, Xiao Cai, who was on duty, discovered the situation and immediately worked with the staff on duty. One person slowly drove away the cattle, and one drove in the rear to slow down the car, so as not to frighten the yellow cattle to cause the accident. In less than 5 minutes, cattle were drawn off the highway. Coincidentally, more than 8 o’clock in the afternoon of 3, the world is drizzling, Shen Hai Expressway Zhaoan County four Town sections, a small cattle running on the high speed road. Zhangzhou high-speed traffic police brigade three patrol patrol found, after trying to drive cattle down the high speed. No matter how to drive, this cow is refused to leave, but also turn around and run back and forth, the driver of the road scared repeatedly brake. The police had to inform the highway, maintenance and repair departments to assist, along with cattle full escort, waiting for the opportunity to drive. After nearly 1 hours of the tug of war, we joined the small cattle along a small road, into the high speed side of the drainage ditch, which will control it. Subsequently, the owner of the cattle Wu claimed. Zhangzhou high-speed traffic police to remind friends: do not be farmers along the highway of livestock grazing in the adjacent highway isolation belt, easy to damage the livestock isolation network, and access to the highway, if not timely disposal, extremely easy to cause the car crash, resulting in unnecessary losses to themselves and others.

漳州高速路上一群小黄牛闲逛 另一黄牛在狂奔(图)   ▲小黄牛被赶到排水沟里   导报讯 (记者 郭钦转 林晓琪 通讯员 卢少勇 黄小红 文 图)慢悠悠在高速路上摇头甩尾,在地面上闻闻嗅嗅。10月8日上午,一群黄牛在漳州古雷港所高速路旁“饱餐一顿”后,竟从出口边道走上高速,“闲逛”起来。   当日10时许,当班收费员小蔡发现该情况后,立即和当班工作人员分工合作,一人慢慢驱赶黄牛,一人在后方指挥来车减速行驶,以免惊吓黄牛导致事故发生。不到5分钟时间,牛群被引离高速公路。   无独有偶,8日下午3点多,天下着蒙蒙细雨,沈海高速诏安县四都镇路段,一头小黄牛在高速路上狂奔。   漳州高速交警三大队民警巡逻至此发现后,试图将牛赶下高速。可任凭怎么驱赶,这头牛就是不肯离开,还不时调头来回奔走,把过路的司机吓得连连急刹车。   民警只好一边通知路政、养护及抢修部门协助,一边跟着黄牛全程“护送”,等待驱赶的时机。在近1小时的拉锯战后,大家合力将小黄牛沿着一条小路,赶入高速边上的排水沟,这才将它控制住。随后,由该牛主人吴某认领。   漳州高速交警提醒高速公路沿线农民朋友:切勿将牲畜放养在紧邻高速公路隔离带,牲畜容易把隔离网损坏,并进入高速公路,一旦无法及时处置,极易造成车毁人亡,给自己和他人造成不必要的损失。相关的主题文章: