A small Changsha clothes were blown down by the two studio students (video) nlite

A small Changsha clothes shed was blown Zadao two students passing the original title: wind blown clothes shed long sofa cloth blue gale warning the relevant departments and the public to do preventive work the sudden drop in temperature, wind whistling. Yesterday (28) afternoon at 5:30 pm, with people exclaimed, a large clothes shed falling from the third floor Furong district court building, two students in school uniforms are the clothes shed fell to the ground. Broke the news of Ms. Zhou said: "a boy head smashed, the pressure in the brand, missing half tooth, a girl smashed foot." When reporters rushed to the scene, the injured students have been sent to the nearest hospital in Mawangdui, I saw a clothes shed inverted Lotus Court Furong thrive convenience supermarket, blocking the aisle. The clothes rack is made of iron and steel tube, which is about 7 meters long, 3 meters wide and two meters high. 4 property personnel lift clothes laborious shed, it will move elsewhere. A holding grandson Xijie told reporters, by male student surnamed Chen, 12 years old, her great grandson; injured female student surnamed Li, studying at the Tin Ka Ping school. When they come back from school through here, unfortunately linked to. It happens that there is a similar case。 Two pm yesterday, Yuelu District tea road construction site, a hundred meters long construction enclosure has been blown down, crushing the passing a sixty couple, two people with multiple trauma, and accompanied by a slight concussion. Long sofa cloth blue gale warning according to the Hunan Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the typhoon "catfish" will cause heavy rains and winds in Changsha. At 16:12 yesterday, Changsha Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a blue gale warning signal: Changsha County, Wangcheng, is expected to Changsha urban district, Liuyang City, Ningxiang County in the next 24 hours will be 6 winds, gusts above 7, please pay attention to prevention. Guide: 1 against the government and relevant departments in accordance with the duty to do the work of anti wind; 2 shut the doors and windows, reinforced panels, scaffolding, billboards and other structures by wind, the proper placement of outdoor items affected by strong winds, covering building materials; 3 water operations and past the ship to take active measures such as, back to the harbor or bypass navigation; 4 pedestrians as little as possible to ride a bike, not when the wind blows on billboards, temporary structures such as stay below 5; the relevant departments and units to pay attention to forest and grassland fire. (Changsha evening news reporter Intern Zhu Yanhuang Li Zhikang) video recommendation: wind blown 6 floor big pot downstairs 2 year old boy was killed by a hit相关的主题文章: