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After 80 Museum Museum opened 700 square meters of security monitoring of the collection of antique bed, remember that after 80 it? More than and 80 Recently, the 32 year old Chongqing guy Yang Hui did let the Tibetan faithful surprise, he opened a restaurant Museum, the size of 370 antique in the lobby, dining table. Eat a meal, the collection side is close to 400 thousand yuan of the Han Dynasty chariot, eyeful of porcelain of Ming and Qing dynasties…… Why do you want to open the museum restaurant, Yang Hui said that the map has a hobby, to share. Because there are 370 antiques in the collection, the "worth" expensive restaurant has more than and 80 cameras, 4 security guards on duty for 24 hours. 400 thousand yuan of Han Dynasty put the table many chariots Chongqing are familiar with the story of Yang Hui, because of his love of Antique Bed for five or six years, costing millions of dollars to buy more than and 300 Zhang Gu Dong bed. The item is too large, mostly, he rented a more than and 700 square meters of the building in Geleshan, and found a few high-grade residential rented 3 sets of large-sized apartment, to put these antiques and antique storage devices, the annual rent of up to 200 thousand yuan. In order to let everyone see the collections of the Yang Hui free, recently gave these antiques to find a new place in Shapingba opened the Museum theme restaurant, currently in the online fire, and attracted users to a dial-up wave. Chongqing morning news reporters yesterday at the scene, the gate placed 1 than 1 to build the throne, there are a lot of friends are shot put". The dragon is one of Yang Hui’s heart good, the cost is about 600000 yuan. Yang Hui said, with the collection of ancient bed before the throne, by a professional carpenter is responsible for the daily care of Fujian. More than and 700 square meters of the restaurant, a blue and white glaze, the Qing Dynasty Xianfeng incense bottles, octagonal in late Qing Dynasty and Ming Dynasty celadon pot of blue and white characters embossed pattern, black glaze tank tank in Tang dynasty…… One of the most expensive collections in the restaurant, the carriage, unearthed in Sichuan, Yang Hui many years ago spent close to 400 thousand yuan, "a few years ago has been hidden in the antique warehouse, many friends of Tibet home, now placed in the lobby." More than and 80 monitoring the security of the Museum of the 4 people on duty in the restaurant there are large and small objects have 370, fully locked in the transparent display window. So many valuable antiques, safety is a skull pain. Yang Hui said, in addition to the installation of the restaurant has more than and 80 monitoring so that all the time in the monitoring of antiques, but also hired a special security guards 24 hours a day 4. The dining room is equipped with the best fire fighting equipment, with thirty or forty nozzles at the top and more than and 100 fire extinguishers. Lock the size of the antique lock a total of more than and 300, these locks are also the focus of protection object, usually kept by Yang Hui himself, locked in the safe. It will be taken out when the daily cleaning, switch locks are also completed by him. In this expensive restaurant, the waiter is also carefully selected, "when people ask, you did not serve, when a few years? My boss asked, "when you were a waiter, you broke a couple of dishes?" The usual talk is not fine." Xiao Yang said the waiter, but later he knew that he had to deal with so many antiques. Induction training, should include the collection of antique knowledge, today, the restaurant waiter also can say 12 comes to antique. Yang said that many people are attracted to the restaurant every day self, the boss did not mind, he said "the spring相关的主题文章: