After the era of regulation P2P survival path do not touch the red line big data risk control capabi

P2P survival path supervision after age: do not touch the red line of large data risk control ability is the core of CBRC jointly issued four ministries of the "management measures" business information network lending intermediaries, personal loans of not more than 200 thousand yuan, corporate lending is not more than 1 million yuan of funds in the banking institutions, depository and licensed Telecom business…… Each requirement for the current platform has a lot of difficulty. Even the voice of the market said, "most of the P2P platform was sentenced to death, suspended for one year." Industry pains and reshuffle inevitable. The most stringent net loan regulatory approach landing, past barbaric growth of the P2P platform to go from here? In September 13th, the twenty-first Century Asian financial year 21 new financial "P2P compliance Road" seminar, the central bank research professionals and experts, three party assessment agencies and a number of the person in charge of the platform, jointly under the P2P legal compliance boundary, limit business opportunities and so on. Do not touch the regulatory red line, do not be lucky." Li Aijun, Dean of the China University of Political Science and Law Internet Financial Law Research Institute said that despite 12 months of the rectification period, the limit specified in the published on the occasion has taken effect, the rectification of illegal and not impunity. It seems that the outside world is very harsh approach, pat CEO Zhang Jun seems to be more friendly, the nature of the negative list. 13 red lines do not touch, after the use of regulatory, regulatory behavior, the platform is still a lot of room for innovation and development." As the first P2P platform, pat loans do not reveal all the details at the beginning of the establishment, adhere to the platform model, small dispersion. Business development is difficult before 2013." Zhang Juntanchen. Compared to many platforms within the industry do big, fallback or pool of funds, pat loan business a lot of slow progress. But after the introduction of the way Zhang Juncai found that these are all right. Zhang Jun said that the value of P2P is to become a complement to the traditional financial system, to solve the traditional financial services can not cover the crowd. Information intermediary is the fundamental positioning, otherwise many aspects are not in line with regulatory requirements." The "measures" introduced, also let the development of the industry is the basis, as long as compliance with regulatory requirements, will not have to move again. Building blocks box CEO Xie Qun also said that in the past because there is no clear regulation, encountered a lot of obstacles in cooperation with traditional financial institutions. Approach to the net loan platform is relatively recognized quasi financial institutions positioning, and other institutions to carry out business cooperation is of great help. The approach also requires that the borrower or corporate borrowing platform shall not exceed 5. How to prevent excessive borrowing, Guiyang Municipal Office of Finance Risk Prevention Department official Kuang Shaojun said the quota requirements need to establish a unified information sharing system between different institutions, the short term is difficult to prevent this problem. Li Aijun suggested that in the information sharing system is fully established, the platform should design a process, the borrower should promise the information provided is true and accurate, not in more than five loan platform, in the premise of rights protection platform under the diligence. Zhu Jiang, deputy general manager of the introduction of the East, the China Internet Finance Association has jointly issued 17 platform credit information sharing system, the future of the association or other members will join. Access sharing system.相关的主题文章: