All About Pregnancy – The Cycle Of

Home-and-Family Although pregnancy is truly only the start of the journey of motherhood in and of itself, your journey through pregnancy will be one of the greatest things you have to remember in your life. More than any other event, a woman will have more stories and experiences to share about pregnancy than any other. 1. The Trimester System Pregnancy is divided into three twelve to fifteen week periods called trimesters. Each trimester has its destination milestones that are eagerly anticipated and joyfully crossed off on the mother’s pregnancy calendar. The first trimester of pregnancy is often the most anxious time for a new mother- to- be. This is where things can go wrong, the pregnancy fail and the baby lost. For many women, getting through this first trimester is the happiest milestone other than holding the baby after the birth! Unfortunately, it is the first trimester in that the body undergoes the brunt of the awful changes during your childbearing term. 2. The First Trimester – Body Overthrows Brain As the baby settles into the womb, major changes in the body start to take place. If this is her first baby, she will begin to experience a lack of control over her body as it now the life support system of her baby. Morning sickness, fatigue, headaches, mood swings, heartburn, and even fainting are all part of the body adjusting. 3. The Second Trimester – The Calm Before The Storm During the second trimester of pregnancy, the mommy- to- be is usually more relaxed. Many of the negative pregnancy symptoms disappear, tests have been done and all things point towards her bringing a healthy baby into the world. Finally, you can begin to relax – or so it seems. This is a time for bonding with your baby, calling it by name, reading it stories, or playing music perhaps. 4. The Third Trimester – The Final Push Usually, most soon- to- be parents rush to create a new living space for the baby when the womb will no longer suffice. In anxious anticipation, this trimester usually passes quickly and only begins to feel lengthy when a baby is late in its arrival. For many expecting mothers, this is the most emotional of the three trimesters as well as the most painful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: