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The woman’s ex husband Alyssa Chia wedding exposure: we are very happy [Abstract] Alyssa Chia and supermodel Lin Joia ex husband Sun Zhihao 4 years in September 3rd, a low-key wedding in Guam, officially married. Sun Zhihao, Lin Joia first exposure wedding two data figure Alyssa Chia ex husband remarried blessing: marriage is a happy event, congratulations to them Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported on September 7th, Alyssa Chia Qian Fusun and supermodel Lin Joia Zhihao Association for more than 4 years in September 3rd, a low-key wedding in Guam, officially married. She admitted through the brokerage company after marriage, 7 for the first time drying out a beautiful wedding photo, happy to announce: we are very happy, thank you." Personally to share the good news! In the photo, Lin Joia wore white wedding dresses, in the beautiful sea front and Sun Zhihao close to paste the nose, wearing a happy and sweet smile. She is pleased to announce: "thank you, we are very low-key, we are very simple, we are very grateful, we are blessed, we are very happy. Thank you." With the words become the bride of joy, also by fans have praised the "beautiful" and "must be happy". The 39 year old Lin Joia and 1 year old Sun Zhihao dating for 4 years, although once broke up in 2015, but later composite more intimate feeling in September 3rd, a few friends witness, in the Church of Guam gotmarried, the man and his ex-wife Alyssa Chia the daughter of Indus sister also present. Brokerage company said: now she is very happy, thank you."相关的主题文章: