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Ancient furniture: first game player Gaoyang later to repair the reservoir work marshal   editor Chen Shenge character name card: Gao Yang, ancient furniture repair division, game player. Gao Yang, like old furniture, but also after a period of time after the beginning of the. In this process, porcelain and pottery have also obsessed with Gao yang. "At that time, like a lot of things are very miscellaneous, but do not understand, just look good, the specific history and the underlying knowledge is not understood." Focus on lacquer furniture of Gaoyang childhood often followed his father to go to the flea market. At that time the Beijing flea market in Xuanwumen Guohua shopping malls, I do not know when, every weekend, behind the support from a market stall to sell old items, here is the predecessor of Panjiayuan, was also moved to the middle white bridge, then moved to Panjiayuan now. The first is to buy the old furniture, with eye margin phase a table, two chairs and a combination of the three. Later, the chair and three cabinet did not leave, sold more than and 100 dollars, leaving only the tables, has been to the father with the. After many years, Gao Yang to know, is the table of Huanghua pear. "At that time do not understand, what to see, is the enlightenment stage. My father is not reluctant to spend more money, just buy some cheap junk bought back after their father repair, he would begin to do, what is not good, so in the end did not leave a few pieces, moving away almost all wards." Gao Yang recalls. Gaoyang only bought two pieces of pear, the other is a square table, but has been put in storage, not used. In addition, his collection of furniture are painted wood furniture, hardwood furniture, I do not like it, because it can not be seen in the early, the information is not the same, good things are in the hands of those antique dealers. Later, the price is high, but also can not afford to buy." Seventeenth Century Huai wood black paint armchairs (59 cm wide, 45 cm deep, 100 cm high) this chair in ancient times is also known as the "armchair". Lacquer wood furniture is often called wood furniture. But the wood is called now quite criticism, some scholars and collectors that it is discriminatory, more willing to accept the name of wood lacquer. But in Goyang, what is not the point, focus on the ware. When is the most fascinating, Goyang also follow land shovel (bottom antique dealer) to go to the countryside of Shanxi. But he did not expect the same, but not much harvest. "To the local village instead of a string to see, to see (place) is only the local distribution center. Doing business in these centers in, or relatives, or to the village as a unit, they all have their own channels, really want to go from door to door can not come." In 90s, not many people really understand the furniture, resulting in a phenomenon: Dating rather vague concept, people generally choose to buy the furniture material, integrity, workmanship and price. However, walk also cannot say no benefits, benefits that can see some things just close up, have an upper hand. At that time, the price of the old furniture has not risen up, thousands of dollars have been able to buy a good thing, if tens of thousands, it is an absolute record相关的主题文章: