And buy bags! Julian Cheung said he was not on the body but in the purse homefront

And buy bags! Julian Cheung said in the wallet but not the body of Sina entertainment column boiled to the sky shouting "watermelon Miss don’t buy a bag" of Julian Cheung, and to his wife bought a hermes! Anita Yuen’s birthday quietly, quietly and meaningful in the squares the last picture, was sent to the Hermes brand dog food. Anita Yuen received the birthday gift to Hermes Kelly "PicnicBag" series of rattan picnic bag, Julian Cheung high prices at auction. As for the price well, in 2012, when the market price of this handbag will reach 20000 U.S. knife, there will be more expensive…… "That is not to say, xinrudaoge." This spending billions of dollars to send packets of men, also have their own hobbies, to buy a car. Anita Yuen’s birthday money a week, is Julian Cheung’s birthday, but…… I’m sorry, my wife won’t give him the car…… "I would like to appeal, but she is very stingy. But she finally sent a birthday gift to me, I really want to have is a bunch of aloes beads, that helps to sleep; is very useful for me, because of my poor sleep." You see, Julian Cheung had demonstrated a word, choose your own way, Xinrudaoge must also walk! Don’t talk on the mouth, when the money is not very hesitant! Mouth said his wife stingy, but also not boast wife care about yourself? How much did Anita Yuen buy bags?! Not to buy a bag, is to buy a bag on the road. Anita Yuen love package like life, this is the earth people know. She’s not buying a bag. "Buy this, or buy that, or buy it all?" Is her most troubling problem…… In front of the package, the husband can only be…… Flood。 In order to make their business to buy a pack of right and proper growth, Anita Yuen also published an important speech, has its own complete theory, is simply impeccable. "You see, you spent 10000 yuan to buy me a bag, it seems you out of 10000, but at the same time I got 10000 of the value of the package, in fact we not a penny less, not money but also makes me happy. Why not?" Anyway, Anita Yuen happy to buy bags, money to buy a bag, the problem is that even idol Lee Min Ho fall in love, she also want to buy a bag! Friends know the best gifts to send packets, or hermes. Even the son also know to send a gift to send bag. All the men in the house knew that the woman was going to buy a bag! Not only buy love, but also love! Not only love to buy, but also to buy the most expensive! If you buy cheap package even, Anita Yuen students did is a big fan. Two people recorded in Paris when the program, there has been such a mystery dialogue. She loved to Hermes to what extent? Anyway, if you want to encounter Anita Yuen, then went to the shop door Hermes squat, not on the case today, tomorrow can also encounter! Anita Yuen said he loves orange house is Hermes orange sheets. The moon cake is special for Hermes).相关的主题文章: