And so on in place, will wave goodbye to heavy pollution


standing in the forefront of the air pollution control in Beijing, Beijing City Environmental Protection Bureau, deputy director of the force often repeat yesterday, today, tomorrow.

: today evening wind is acquired blue sky

this evening cold air will arrive, air quality will be significantly improved. The day after tomorrow with the further strengthening of cold air, air quality will reach an excellent, reproduction of Beijing blue". Data show that yesterday, the overall heavy pollution has not yet arrived, some areas under the snow, the concentration of pollutants PM2.5 has not been a substantial rise. To 4 yesterday afternoon, the city PM2.5 concentration of 108 micrograms / cubic meter, at a mild pollution level. This morning, the city is also in the mild to moderate pollution levels.

According to the latest monitoring

environmental monitoring center to provide the morning this afternoon, will be south to north, with better air quality trends. Before and after this evening, affected by cold air activity, the city’s air quality will be significantly improved, 19 am to further strengthen the cold air, air quality will then reach a level of excellence.

yesterday: yellow alert action quickly

in the efforts of the people, the day to help, the role of yesterday’s actual pollution level is significantly lighter than the previous forecast. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, after the yellow warning yesterday, the city’s environmental monitoring, urban management law enforcement, housing construction, landscaping and other departments to act quickly to strengthen the law enforcement efforts to control pollution sources. The environmental protection departments through inspection, telemetry, and Beijing home port detection, inspection of 23 thousand vehicles, 10 vehicles exceed the standard punishment, persuaded to return to the field the illegal car 12 vehicles; check "three burn three dust" check point 596, found in environmental law issues 5 examination; 530 industrial enterprises were not found. Environmental law issues.

city’s urban management and law enforcement departments to check 347 cases of violations, which dealt with open-air barbecue, open burning of 15; 4 to investigate unlicensed coal combustion. The city’s housing construction departments on-site inspection site 285, the use of video surveillance spot check 1427, found 4 problems, the main problems are not completely cover the bare ground. Measures for the implementation of the site has not been strict requirements for immediate shutdown rectification.

tomorrow: further restrictions on high emission vehicles

said, everyone on the air quality demands is the blue sky more and more, heavy air pollution is less and less, and this is the environmental protection departments and all citizens need to work together in the direction of our efforts, "in place, we can wave goodbye to heavy pollution."

about tomorrow, when there is a discussion, the red warning, the north and South pollution concentration difference is quite large, early warning can be divided into sub regional time, Fang Li said that the city in 2013;