Around the pornography department to carry out a comprehensive campus market inventory – public – pe

Around the pornography department to carry out a comprehensive campus market inventory – public – newspaper in Beijing on 1 September, (China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Liu Sheng) on the occasion of the new semester of primary and secondary schools, for the protection of the surrounding campus culture market environment for good health, the national anti pornography office to intensify its efforts to further deploy around carry out the "humiao 2016" special action, urged all localities to carry out a comprehensive inventory of publications around the campus market, strengthen the regulation outstanding problems online, vigorously investigating children’s illegal publications and harmful information of the case. According to statistics, as of the end of August, the national total of confiscated illegal harmful children’s publications in 441 thousand, and Beijing "4 cloud disk? Dissemination of pornographic materials case and a number of typical cases of 15" dream billion Springfield company for copyright infringement, Jiangsu Xuzhou "920 Lolita network utilization, a powerful deterrent to illegal and criminal activities and obtains the good social effect. The community to actively participate in the "seedling" action, 7 to August, through the "anti pornography" WeChat, micro-blog, websites and other platforms to report all kinds of clues 13 thousand and 500. Among them, the District of Beijing City Cultural law enforcement departments to carry out centralized inspection around the campus bookstore, copy shops, kiosks, Xicheng District pornography office coordinated the Xicheng District Public Security Bureau network security brigade and other departments successfully cracked the users self QQ group dissemination of pornographic information children; Suzhou city of Jiangsu province in August 15th to carry out a one month campus and around the publication market special rectification action on campus publications selling behavior, stationery and other stationery store sales of illegal publications, the surrounding shops and other illegal pirated copy typing behavior of printing and publishing activities focused on inspection and focus; Kaifeng City organization of Henan province counties pornography office to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the autumn before the children’s publications market opening, focus on strengthening the supervision of the publication business units around the campus And the punishment for illegal behavior; Jiangxi Xinyu, Anhui Chuzhou, Hunan Changde, Chongqing Hechuan, Shandong, Linyi and other places to carry out the publication market law enforcement inspection, will be around the campus as the key parts of the high density and night Bookmobile inspections, focusing on banning illegal stalls, seized a number of pirated textbooks for primary and secondary schools. Pornography, violence, homicide and feudal superstition and other vulgar cultural products; cultural market combined with the summer fire safety inspection in Ningxia city of Shizuishan, to focus on remediation of the campus surrounding audio books, printed copy units such as the publication market, YanZha stationery store exists unlicensed publications illegal behavior; Chongqing city Youyang autonomous county organized the county more than 50 Internet cafes song and dance entertainment, held a "humiao 2016" special action will promote the work, strengthen the main responsibility Consciousness of any. National pornography office responsible comrade, this round of campus cultural market inspection, as pornography? Support an important work of the 2016 special action in all seedlings, related work will be included in the end of the "anti pornography" evaluation content. (commissioning editor Shi Yaqiao and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: