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Asia’s largest ancient treasures exposition held in these rare – Sohu culture channel Mohai Publishing House 1852 first edition of "New Testament" in Hongkong (right) and Sport and Gossip, 1855 Reprint: Legend of the British Royal certification forgotten shareholders bookseller Maggs Bros. has been operating for more than one hundred and fifty years, at last they are from the site near London’s Berkeley Square the Curzon Street moved to its present site, a group in the late Qing Dynasty published by Shanghai’s Sport and Gossip English racing Entertainment Weekly found in the basement of the collection. (or translated as "to win the game Chinese newspaper"). For those familiar with modern Shanghai and scholars in the history of the newspaper, founded in January 1897, the newspaper is not strange. This newspaper has been mentioned by the British Minister Darwent in the late Qing Shanghai guide. Its founder, Frank J. Maitland, is a legendary businessman, news critic and philanthropist. According to the textual research of scholars from Tu Yuan Fang Fei, Maitland founder of Matheson’s nephew, and became chairman in 1874. In addition to the general management of foreign goods, tea trade, he founded the Shanghai horse trading company in 1891, will be racing the introduction of Shanghai, has become Shanghai Jockey Club, Shanghai amateur circus Association director. Visible involvement in the publishing industry is an important part of its vertically integrated business strategy. Sport and and Gossip Zi Lin Matheson’s publications are inextricably linked. From the beginning of 1892, Maitland is under the pseudonym "Daybreak" in the "North China (North-China Herald)" written on the sports commentary. From the founding of Sport and Gossip to 1902, "North China Herald" is frequently quoted Sport and Gossip on the horse racing news, and in the "North China Herald" after 6 years as deputy editor of the H. O Dowd Maitland "was invited to serve as editor at Sport Gossip was first established and. In 1903, Sport and Gossip into the "Shanghai times" published in 1944, and continued to. The magazine was founded in 1897 to June 1901, including newspapers, reflects the new media how to train the first batch of Shanghai love racing readers, witnessed the rise and development of modern Shanghai horse racing horse trading market. It has been purchased by the Shanghai library.相关的主题文章: