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Asia’s largest community of corruption: officials by villages demolition money – Sohu finance Huilongguan was the emperor of the Ming Dynasty Yeling Luan resting place. It is close to the East and another community — added together, became the Beijing suburb of Changping southeast Chaoyang, the southwest and Haidian super large population community. In this area, only the resident population gather next. If coupled with the floating population within the village and community, can only use one million fuzzy processing. Since the end of last century, Huilongguan’s population has grown to 460 thousand, an area of up to 34 square kilometers. From the current can query the demographic and geographic data, Huilongguan has surpassed the small, called Asia’s largest community". Although Huilongguan is the Ministry of housing and former Vice Minister Chou Baoxing described as "sleeping city" pendulum style city and caused huge traffic, but this does not hinder the rapid expansion of the scale of urban construction, urban village is a large area of continuous improvement. It is also, corruption and rent-seeking here to breed. At the beginning of August 2016, Beijing second intermediate people’s court made a judgment on the small town Guo Xiangdong, former Secretary of the Party committee of the crime of corruption, bribery case will. The court found that Guo Xiangdong’s two counts were established, involving more than 3400 yuan. The discovery of the first 1 C financial reporter survey, black Guo Xiangdong gathers, all from the real estate development and reconstruction of the village. In the process of small town Party Secretary Guo Xiangdong pump, with the rapid development and construction of small town almost simultaneously. The case has become a large city with urban and rural areas by officials ways and means in the field of city sample. Former Secretary of the Committee Changping case involving a 48 year old Guo Xiangdong, a former Beijing City, Changping real estate development company (hereinafter referred to as "Chang Fang company) party secretary and general manager, has been engaged in real estate development in the field of work. Beijing intermediate people’s Court of first instance found that from 2004 to 2007, Guo Xiangdong served as party secretary of his office, Chang Fang general manager of the company, together with the legal representative of Beijing hot spring bath dragon limited liability company Pei Rantao, Secretary to the Beijing Long Xin real estate development limited company in Chang Fang Fusong transfer residential project in the process of fiction project transfer of the Department of the company’s introduction to the Dragon bath in fact, pay the intermediary fees bath dragon company, diddle Chang Fang company 20 million yuan after be embezzled. From 2004 to 2014, Guo Xiangdong has served as the leading cadres in Chang Fang company, Ltd. and Beijing city Changping District Mingjia Baishan Town, small town, Chang Fang company, is responsible for the overall management of the company medi-care, Baishan town Huilongguan, presided over the work of his office, to seek benefits for others, accepting others repeatedly given property amounting to a total of more than 1413 yuan. Guo Xiangdong’s behavior constituted the crime of corruption and accepting bribes, at the beginning of August 2016, Guo Xiangdong was sentenced to imprisonment for 16 years. The relevant judicial materials show that Guo Xiangdong sacked, due to its involvement in the former Secretary of the Committee Changping Tong Genzhu case. Businessman Shi Weixue in 2004 to Changping for real estate development, the introduction of the Tong Genzhu to the president of the United States, and let the housing from the housing, such as the development of the real estate industry in the city of in the year of.相关的主题文章: