[Aurora countdown] 1-3 Nordic strongest Aurora season, you really want to miss it




number 5526

Nordic Aurora 7 day tour: visit Santa Claus hometown

385 remaining February

visit Santa Claus Village, post Postcard

across the Arctic Circle, met the northern lights

? Stimulated snow, Hashiqila sled

the year of the great eruption of aurora! You can’t wait until 11 years later!

? S age range: 16-50 years old

number 5339

Aurora 6 day tour: enjoy the top Spa Resort – Blue Lake in Iceland

628 remaining March

? Golden Waterfall – Dusk is like the precious beauty of gold

? Golden Circle – the magical natural landscape makes you seem to fly away from the earth

The silver stream of

falls falls into a brilliant rainbow with a gorgeous rainbow

– Black Sand Beach – volcanic eruptions after the cooling of obsidian formed by the weathering of the unique beach

Blue Lake Spa – the world ‘s leading Spa Resort, still warm and pleasant between ice and fire