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Five early autumn health tips to keep Liaoning Channel – original title: five early autumn health tips to keep health care in autumn is also a good season, disease prevention, health care in autumn should pay attention to some of the details of life. For example, getting up in the morning is also a stress. The following Xiaobian to see how to get up in the morning health care? (1) the early time to pay attention to Zaoshuizaoqi good, some people have entered a misunderstanding, that morning as early as possible. But according to the characteristics of modern life at night generally sleep at night, to ensure adequate sleep, do not get up early, at 6 pm is appropriate. (2) the morning slow rise not too fast, not in a hurry to dress and wash, to eat breakfast, go out of the house to go to work rash and too much in haste. This fast rhythm will make the body difficult to adapt to night sleep. For a long time, will cause circulatory system, digestive system dysfunction, and even lead to disease. The correct way is to get up in the morning after lie down for a while to get up, gradually accelerate the pace of work, make payable after heavy tasks of physical and psychological preparation. (3) able to sleep all the systems of the body activity slowed down, some metabolic waste failed to discharge in vitro, therefore, the morning the first thing that should be Tugunaxin, first developed a good habit of defecation. After getting up immediately to open the window ventilation, the indoor "dirty gas" as soon as possible to drain out. At the same time, should drink a cup of boiling water, salt water a little better, and it has the same cool white boiling water wash the gastrointestinal function, to prevent the oral, gastrointestinal diseases and respiratory diseases is also quite good. (4) use a good breakfast breakfast not only to eat, but also to eat better, in order to meet the needs of heavy work or study in the morning. (5) outdoor activities which is an important part of the health of the morning. Morning to near the air fresh and clean place, such as parks, woods, square, river etc., breathe fresh air, further renewal, and fitness activities. The principle is to follow, not overdo sth.. (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety)相关的主题文章: