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B: Ajaccio VS Sohu 2016-10-29 sports Laval Saturday at 2:00 the last round of the League of Ajaccio in the scene of a balance of power in the case 0:2 away defeat to Le Havre, players are very unhappy, they returned to the home court must have a as, moreover their season home court performance is quite good, 6 games to get 4 wins in the swim team, which is on the top; Laval road has never got a victory, a ball has not entered the attack line, the ability to grasp the question, the coach should adjust the layout of the new tactical squad as soon as possible, stop the decadent, otherwise only accept relegation ending, in the face of victory to restore the morale of the team it is fraught with grim possibilities, win lose less when. SMG recommended: 31 Shengping Fu Asia recommended: Ajaccio: 2:0, 2:1 ———————————————————- score recommended you don’t blindly under the ball! The official recommended your best football and basketball profit kill Zhuang group, and lead the group? God game player??, want to rush rich friends welcome to join, profit Shazhuang button group: 8388867 password: 18. Subscription [WeChat] on Yum ball Huang public number: baishengball, daily send free analysis recommended! ———————————————————

法乙:阿雅克肖 VS 拉瓦勒-搜狐体育   2016-10-29 星期六 2:00   上轮联赛在场面均势的情况下阿雅克肖客场0:2完败给勒阿弗尔,球员们十分不爽,回到主场的他们必定要有一番作为,可况他们本赛季的主场表现是相当不错的,6场比赛拿到4场胜利,在中游球队里面算是顶尖;反观拉瓦勒客场至今没拿到过胜利,一球也没进过,攻击线的把握能力受到质疑,主教练应该尽快调整阵容,布置新的战术止住颓废,不然只有接受降级的结局,此番面对急需胜利来重振士气的主队可谓是凶多吉少,输少当赢。   竞彩胜平负推荐:31   亚洲推荐:阿雅克肖   比分推荐:2:0,2:1   ———————————————————-   ※别再盲目下球了!官方推荐你最佳的足球、篮球盈利杀庄群,群?大神及玩家带领交流?球?单,想奔富的朋友欢迎加入,盈利杀庄扣扣群:8388867 暗号:18   ※欢迎订阅关注【百胜球皇】微信公众号:baishengball,每日发送免费分析推荐!   ———————————————————相关的主题文章: