Beijing, a number of restaurants to push the reward refers to the consumer in the form of a sharp

Beijing restaurants push reward allegedly disguised tip consumers generally antipathy Beijing with the rise of red envelopes, while more and more restaurants introduced a reward mechanism, if the attendants feel satisfied, customers can spot sweep the two-dimensional code to pay a "gratuity". For the new model of charge, did not tip the habit of Chinese consumers generally dislike. Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited learned that the implementation of the individual restaurant reward system from voluntary to ask for, after the consumer complaints have been an emergency stop restaurant. In this regard, Pengxie and association it bluntly, a reward system must be based on customer voluntary, store promotion dishes and service quality is the business king. The event rewards consumers. The store restaurant taste halted last weekend in Xidan Joy City ADA Dolar dinner, checkout, the waiter put to her with red star to help. Although the cost of 4.56 yuan is not high, but Ms. Zheng and her boyfriend expressed resentment. To the store dining often Zheng said that recently she always met aunt class staff dressed in blue clothes cleaning service for her, when to pay, the staff said: "we need to store the selection service star, if you think I good service, can sweep the two-dimensional code on my body the" reward "for me?" Subsequently, Ms. Zheng swept the two-dimensional code was found to pay 4.56 yuan through WeChat. "Later read two-dimensional code around a circle of small letters amount, but the aunt who stared at us sweep yards, who also feel shy Saowan to refuse." Zheng said reluctantly. "Even if the cost is not high, but we do not need to give such a ‘Tip’ bar!" Xidan Dolar shop supervisor said, cleaning staff can also be a waitress, a reward is not compulsory, consumers can choose not to reward. Beijing area manager Ou Qian had explained that the reward is the new management method to improve the service industry, Dolar began to try to "reward" in June this year, Beijing in Zhongguancun and Xidan as a pilot store shop. Original intention is to strengthen interaction, enhance service. "We are not required to take the initiative to require consumers to reward, but in the process, the consumer may have expressed some misunderstanding of the staff, resulting in customer dissatisfaction." Yesterday, the reporter called BYD Dolar, the store was on Sunday to halt a reward system. Investigation of the rise of a number of well-known chain restaurants, playing the reward system by the end of last year, a long time ago, called the shop opened this service reward model. The restaurant waiter in a long time ago, every month can get one thousand to two thousand yuan ", and therefore has been a" sea fishing and Sibelius and other food giants and learn. "If you are satisfied with my service, please pay 3.99 yuan." Yesterday in the sea fishing Cade Sun Palace shop, hall every attendant, including Manicure division, the front-line staff, the left chest wearing a circular badge, in addition to the above words, the two-dimensional code badge with the middle head waiter, consumers only need to use WeChat to sweep the two-dimensional code on the plate can be traced to the payment 3.99 yuan of fixed reward tips. Wei相关的主题文章: