Beijing case main suspect Wang reflection – in 2016 repentance postgraduate exam declared yesterday-x3210

2016 graduate exam declared yesterday case main suspect Wang – Reflection repentance Beijing recently, "Legal Daily" reporters came to Jingzhou city of Hubei province Gongan County detention center, see the "criminal law amendment (nine)" since the implementation of the main suspect cheating crime organization the first case of wang. Wang deep reflection on their own behavior, about the organization of cheating on exams to their own, family and even the community to bring a lot of harm. Reporter: what do you think of their original behavior? Wang: I feel guilty, but also go astray. When I commit a crime, the criminal law amendment (nine) has just been published, I do not know the organization of cheating on the exam, did not expect to come to this point. I regret very much. Now I can’t sick parents filial, and make the wife and I divorced less than two years old children only in the care of a relative, a blow after another. I am aware that my actions are illegal and that they may have serious consequences, and that if they continue, the fairness of the exam will be disturbed. Reporter: so, what are you going to do? Wang: I have deeply felt the deterrent force of the law, the future after going out, although it may continue to engage in the examination and training industry, but never dare to touch the legal red line. Reporter: you said that you were going astray, so, whether there are some words I want to told colleagues are engaged in training? Wang: I think a lot of these days, I want to tell them, must abide by the law, but for formal training, do not cross the border illegally. The organizers and participants of the exam cheating will be punished by the law, not just the examination and training staff, no one should go this shortcut, because it will only lead you to the abyss of crime. Legal network Jingzhou (Hubei) 20, September相关的主题文章: