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Beijing Municipal People’s Congress: individual lawyers use improper network spread Beijing – case JINGWAH Times News (reporter Sha Xueliang) in April this year, People’s Republic of China Municipal People’s Congress on the "production safety law" and "Regulations" production safety in Beijing city to conduct law enforcement inspection, found that the city still has 381 oil and gas pipeline risk has not completed the rectification. Yesterday, the twenty-nine meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, law enforcement inspection team leader Liu Jigang on the law enforcement inspection report. City Safety Supervision Bureau also said that the city is still running field accident prone, and began to distribute from traditional high-risk industries to other fields; will focus on oil and gas pipeline hazard remediation battle, has made obvious effect for the safety regulation in the liquor manufacturing, explosive dust, involving dangerous use of three field. 110 buildings close to the dangerous source of Liu Jigang, for three years, the city’s safety accidents and deaths of continuous realization of the "double down", GDP billion yuan of production safety accidents mortality, condition of business enterprises employing 100 thousand people safety deaths per million tons of road traffic accident mortality rate, mortality rate and coal decreased. The production safety situation remained stable and good. Government departments in the implementation of the responsibility for the safety of production there are still weak links." Liu Jigang introduction, law enforcement inspection also found part of the problem. Some responsibilities bear safety production supervision departments, selective law enforcement campaign style law enforcement, failed to establish a normalized effective supervision system, and even individual departments do not perform their duties according to law, a "zero penalty" situation. In the center of the city underground pipe network and other city run hidden site, because the daily maintenance is difficult, and the aging of the pipeline are tying up and other reasons, more accidents. Liu Jigang, a single oil and gas pipelines, in 1280 have been hidden in the investigation confirmed that, at present there are more than 380 have not yet completed the rectification; there are some new buildings (building) to the safe distance between the erosion and major hazard sources, as of now there are more than 110 such security risks. Dangerous goods transport also suggested the peak for a long time, the capital of colleges and universities and scientific research institutes laboratory use of hazardous chemicals scattered countless and diverse, management is not standardized, scientific and technological research and development under the new situation required for hazardous chemicals and the number of species have different degrees of increase, scientific and effective management system has not been set up. "12? 18" Tsinghua University chemical laboratory explosion is fully exposed to this problem. Municipal People’s Congress proposed scientific research units and use management as soon as possible to find out the administrative area of Beijing City University Laboratory and other hazardous chemicals base, for safety management regulations and standards of research. Liu Ji also introduced a dangerous city every day (insurance) goods vehicles and vehicles long time mixed line, and the peak overlap, there are a lot of use of non special vehicles carrying hazardous chemicals happen. In addition, the use of roadside farms, and zombie car wholesale markets for storage of flammable and explosive dangerous goods or articles such as paint thinner behavior still exists. Municipal People’s Congress proposed to strengthen the management of hazardous chemicals transportation, scientific regulation of dangerous goods vehicles.相关的主题文章: