Beijing – VIDEO – Thangka, Tibetan Mandala, sand painting style of Shigatse cited public concern in shuyue

Beijing – VIDEO – Thangka, Tibetan Mandala, sand painting style of Shigatse cited public concern in Shanghai [comment] the fourteenth Shigatse Mount Everest cultural tourism festival in Shanghai week September 14th at the Shanghai Expo Center ended. Shigatse customs as the focus of the Shigatse Expo plate Mount Everest cultural tourism festival in Shanghai week in Shigatse area, shows a lot of traditional culture and custom and human feelings to the people of Shanghai do not have to go to Tibet, you can see the most authentic Thangka art, Sand Mandala, Tibetan medicine…… Exhibition attracted a large number of people come to visit Shanghai. The same period [] (tourists Liu) I very love because I went to Tibet and saw these things particularly warm, the most important is that it is a history of thousands of years of China, it is very classic with the art of spiritual beliefs. So I’m very happy to see the Tibetan culture here. [comment] host Fang Tianbing told reporters that the Tibetan intangible cultural heritage showcase a record four "first" in Shanghai, "the first show" Tibetan intangible cultural heritage of folk dance in Shanghai, Sand Mandala "first" appeared in Shanghai, Tibetan medicine "first" for the people of Shanghai clinic, 5.4 meters by 1.5 meters Datang card "first" out of Tibet to Shanghai on display. [the same period] (hosted by Fang Tianbing) this exhibition has 4 characteristics. One of the thangka is more than 5 meters for the first time on the second is what we see us behind the Sand Mandala, it is actually a ceremony of a religion, generally do is shown for the first time in Shanghai in the temple inside us. The third is a Tibetan medicine, clinic site, two days before the queue. The doctor said, as long as a sit down on the line, he did, but also give people free hair medicine. This is also the first time. Because Tibet is the essence of Tibetan culture, is also very magical. There are fourth intangible cultural heritage of the national song and dance show. [comment] Tibet Thangka painting academy Mian Chong? Rob Starr has brought the eight Thangka paintings he painted. He told reporters, according to the size and complexity of Thangka works, a few short days, long will artists draw together to complete two or three years. Mian Chong? Rob Starr is Shanghai’s "old regulars", he said, every time I come to Shanghai, can feel the love of the people of Shanghai on the culture of Tibet, he is very happy. The same period [] (Tibet Thangka painting academy Mian Chong? Rob STARR) many people want to know how to draw Thangka, then what color, and then cloth is how to do, ask more people this morning, many people every day and ask a lot of people interested in thangka. [comment] one of the highlights of Tibet exhibition show is the exhibition. Tibet is an important component of the national policies in Tibet, Shanghai since 1995 has sent 8 batches of cadres rotation to Tibet launched aid work, has achieved effective results zhuo. The Expo special planning exhibition space, selected 100 pieces of works better from the group of cadres working in Tibet in photographs相关的主题文章: