Bej48 challenge face portrait debut over Sohu entertainment snh48-

BEJ48 "challenge" "human face" debuted for super SNH48- entertainment   Sohu; Su Shanshan by foreign media named " forty thousand years of beauty " Sohu; entertainment news users send a group of women’s combination of BEJ48 in the CCTV "challenge impossible" program recording photos. The debut and the near BEJ48 by foreign media called "forty thousand years of beauty", compared to his years of SNH48 "four thousand years of beauty", BEJ48 seems to be a great catch. According to the official information released by the program group, BEJ48 this time to participate in the CCTV program, will help a police officer to participate in the challenge of face portrait. In the police to complete the sketch, BEJ48 members will take turns to come to the stage to accept police identification. "Million years beauty" will be how to deal with in front of the veteran officer, full of fun. Last year, SNH48 had boarded the CCTV Gala stage, beautiful image of youth to the party considerably. Now, a su Shanshan, a Ju Jing?. "Forty thousand years of beauty" debut but also inevitably be friends with the "beauty of the past four thousand years," can not catch up with thousands of years, users also relish. Search found, "good thing" users already launched online # north of Guangzhou 48 which is stronger # topic, even in Guangzhou’s GNZ48 also pulled into the water. Online crazy pass a few days ago, singing tune tune event has become the focus of GNZ48 tucao. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three "48 Group" a large collection of hundreds of people, the team called blind face war upgrade makeup hair inherited the same way, other silly points not clear, and the same dedication to 48 lines mode transformation Chinese. Some netizens said: just get SNH48, these two days out of the BEJ48 and GNZ48 in the end is what ghost?"相关的主题文章: