Benny Chan bread was a number of ambulances were burned waste of public resources in the new network huangshexiaoshuo

Benny Chan bread was a number of ambulances were burned waste of public resources – Beijing Jiang Lisa micro-blog. In new network on 28 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, Hong Kong singer Benny Chan and mainland actor Jiang Lisa (Lisa) married 5 years, have 4 children, because the wife has a caesarean section, was awarded to his wife in poor health". Recently because the wife in micro-blog said the couple meal in the plane of bread, because the food is too hot to cause oral burns, and a ambulance, once again sparked criticism! Jiang Lisa 28 am in micro-blog issued, complaining of a bite of bread in the meal, even the mouth burns to blistered, to wait after the plane, sitting on an ambulance to hospital emergency, sorry to not to burn the stomach make blind and disorderly conjectures?" Finally, Tongsu husband Benny Chan’s situation is more serious, causing great concern. Not only that, Jiang Lisa joint attached pictures from the lips can be seen in the picture, she opened the mouth, lips have emerged a obvious blisters, and then drying out "arch-criminal" black bread photos, also attached on the ambulance photos, and the doctor’s diagnosis that the "tip of the tongue and lips medial pain and swelling". After the scandal, some netizens criticized the "rich people really do not understand the world" and "occupation of public resources was wronged, but there are many fans jumped out to escort" airport directly sent an ambulance, no matter you seriously or not, will adhere to the patient to the doctor, heart pain scolded innocent idol.相关的主题文章: