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Bokova visits Shenzhen UNESCO Higher Education Innovation Center – Beijing, Beijing, November 12 Shenzhen Xinhua (reporter Zheng Xiaohong) UNESCO director general Irina Bokova? 12, said here, UNESCO will through the global 10 two types of educational institutions (including the Innovation Center) cooperation, to nurture talents for the development of globalization. The same day, Bokova came to the Southern University of science and technology, Shenzhen, the newly established United Nations Educational and scientific research center for higher education innovation. Bokova said that higher education plays an important role in innovation and sustainable development. UNESCO has been committed to stimulating the creativity of young people, to promote the development of young people in the social development of their own strength. South University is a very good platform for development, in the city of Shenzhen and the world to carry out a comprehensive cooperation in scientific culture under the background of higher education innovation will promote the innovation of young people, to encourage young people to realize their dreams in Shenzhen. She hopes that the center will follow the mission and purpose of UNESCO to promote the development of higher education in developing countries. Bokova South University and the UNESCO higher education innovation center. The south big photo of South University of science and technology party secretary Guo Yurong said, the school will fully support the innovation center to carry out the work, through the innovation of higher education as well as the ICT technology innovation to promote the quality improvement of higher education, cultivate talents for the development of globalization. Shenzhen City Vice Mayor Wu Yihuan said that Shenzhen will be as in the past to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with UNESCO in the Asia Pacific region, and Africa to carry out more extensive cooperation, work together to promote human civilization and make new contributions to the promotion of world peace. UNESCO director of Higher Education Innovation Center, said Li Ming, will continue to strengthen the standardization of international construction, the innovation center into a professional, efficient, open, cutting-edge two types of institutions. The future development of Higher Education Innovation Center will use information and communication technology innovation, the cooperation project for developing countries in Asia and Africa, promoting fair education, improve the quality of education. China UNESCO committee secretary general Du Yue attended the event. (end)相关的主题文章: