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Customer Service How about a business firm without an identity? Have you ever thought why almost all the branded .panies do have their business logos? Whey each of the ford car has a logo of ford at the front? Why there is a big KFC logo in one of the cities of United States of America? Simple and easy reason behind this question is that branding of any firm is as necessary as the production of goods by the .pany. If any .pany doesnt have a brand image, its sales would be negligible and the .pany would just be.e like any other ordinary .pany having no worth. Business logos stand as identities for the reputed firms or any other firms as a business logo on any product would give the customers that a particular product is from some branded and reputed .panies which offer quality and reliable services. Things might go wrong for the customers who are always into buying products or electronic goods without making it a point to notice the business logos printed on the goods and the items. Just like the branding reason of the logos, they are also used to identify the .pany which holds the production of a particular product. Like, if you have made a product which satisfies the customer needs and have impressed him, then he would certainly notice the business logo printed on the product, that is he would be impressed by your .pany and this would lead to the goodwill of your .pany supporting you by increased sales of the products. Trademark i.e. the business logo on any firm is printed on most of the quality .mercial products. Most of the customers need assurance of the quality of the product. This assurance could be made by putting a logo of trademark on any product which helps the customer in knowing that the product has been tested and checked and is suitable for you to use. Business logos are not copied as each of the firm has its own business logo which cant be imitated by anybody else. Since these logos is the identification factor of any firm, so the firms do make it sure that the copyright of their business logos are with them only and nobody else has copied it. If any product is found which has the false business logo i.e. the business logo is imitated by any other reputed firm, then the person who produced the product would be referred as guilty and then he has to face legal action thereafter. Whenever you hold a copyright of anything, you have to patent it under you. So to have the copyright of any business logo, the owner of the business firm is required to ask the patent office of the business firm to reserve the particular business logo for his firm. After getting the patent, the owner of the business firm would thus be the supreme person to hold the copyright of that particular business logo. This helps in checking the duplication of business logos. If you have started your .pany recently, go and have a business logo of your firm. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: