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"Captain Sally" double volley Trailer multi angle analysis landing miracle – Sohu Sally entertainment the captain and vice captain of the successful landing of the director, starring and archetypes Click to enter [HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news today, "Captain Sally" crash shock drama again two 30 seconds in the trailer, respectively, from different angles to show the landing the moment. The film stars Oscar Award for best director Clint directed by Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Alan Eckhardt – who starred in films, scheduled December 9th visit the national theater.     different analytical Trailer with a volley of events in the film without stint once released a trailer two different angles, so that the audience can see on the flight landing thrilling moment from different perspectives. It is worth mentioning that the "impact" for trailer with dangerous space by the password "heads down" as the background throughout the whole trailer, by rhythmically, nervously slogan, fully demonstrated the atmosphere of fear and insecurity in the cabin is before landing. Even the audience seems to stay out of the passengers heard the shortness of breath in the movie and the survival desire, corresponding to it is in the cab of the captain Sally, calm voice to all the passengers ready to accept the impact to broadcast.     another version of the trailer "water landing" is highlighted by Captain Sally personal to feel directly landing miracle, Sally landed on the back in the media coverage besieged did not like a hero, is more like a just performed the arduous task of ordinary people want to go home and take a hot bath the. Under the spotlight he no surprise, as he said, he is not a hero, just do the thing you should do. Then faced with the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) questioned and investigation, Sally also fell into a deep suspicion of self. Director Tom Hanks said the play the best team to escort Oscar "Captain Sally" masterpiece film directed by Oscar Award for best director Clint – Eastwood, Tom – Hanks, Alan – starring Eckhardt et al. Eastwood is known as one of the most adept at shaping characters, especially the inner spirit of the characters, while Tom Hanks is good at shaping the image of ordinary people’s heroes. For "Captain Sally" such a true story, the outcome of the event without any accident to film, can be said that the creative team is the best combination of configuration. From the exposure of the trailer can be seen, "Captain Sally" did not appear great brilliant gorgeous visual virtuosity, overflowing feelings, the lone hero, but in all the details reflect the protagonist’s experience. In the face of the media when Sally shyly and panic expression, at the time of landing and vice captain between concise and comprehensive dialogue, for landing on the passengers calm to inform, without the audience psychologically recognized Tom Hanks as the legendary captain. After the release of the film in North America harvest quite good box office results, reputation is known as the impact.相关的主题文章: