Catch the spirit into public security worries in England for a month – 300 – Sohu news report

"Catch the spirit" into public security worries in England for a month – 300 report – Sohu news Beijing August 30 Xinhua comprehensive report, mobile phone game "demon treasure can dream Go" (Pokemon Go) after the listing, a "catch the spirit" boom across the UK, but also derived from robbery, theft and other security worries. According to reports, "elf treasure can dream Go" asked the city this summer, around the UK police station received a report from nearly 300 months. Busy around "catch the spirit" has become the eyes of the game player, "sheep". The Greater Manchester Police and London Metropolitan police have heard there are robbers with bait, let the victim to steal mobile phone case distraction. The South Yorkshire Police Department said, a game player was beaten in the play during the game, mobile phone was snatched criminals. British Transport Police also received 2 children strayed into the railway case, and several car drivers caught the edge "catch the spirit". Across the UK, Lancashire police station received 39 Report, the number of the highest. West Mercia police station immediately after, also accepted 32 cases. The police sergeant Chelsea Dawson – Smith (Neil Dawson-Smyth) said that these data are worrying. He said: "I want to convey the main message is not driving " wizard ". This is a fun hand travel, but safety first, do not lose their lives." Lancashire police remind people to avoid the dangerous place to get hurt, easy to fall into the wrong hands ". "We encourage everyone to learn about the environment around them and play with family and friends," said a Niantic spokesman for the development of "Go"."相关的主题文章: