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Home-Improvement Bobby Hughes is the marketing coordinator at American Way Moving PA, a Lansdale business offering a wide variety of moving, packing, and storage services to customers in need. And according to Hughes, although the option of temporary storage can serve as a logistical lifesaver for anyone faced with the prospect of having to vacate his home before his new one is ready, homeowners should be aware that certain items should never be placed in storage. Here is a situation that many people are familiar with: You managed to sell your current home in record time, and now you feel .fortable signing a contract to buy your dream home. Theres just one problem: Your buyers want to close at the end of the month, but your sellers wont be able to vacate your soon-to-be home for another 12 weeks. Clearly, you cant afford to walk away from the sale of your current homein which case, your best bet is probably to agree to your buyers terms, find a place to live for a couple of months, and stash most of your belongings in a storage facility until the time .es to close on your new home. Although finding temporary housing can be a challengeespecially if there are small children and pets involvedfinding a place to store your belongings is a relative piece of cake. These days, most moving .panies offer storage facilities to customers faced with this exact type of scenario. When your movers .e to haul away your furniture and belongings, instead of transporting them to your new house, they can simply bring them over to the .pany storage facility instead. And once your closing documents are all in order and you have the keys to your new home in your hand, you can just call up your moving .pany and ask to have your stuff released from your storage unit and delivered over to your new abode. My .panys storage facilities are climate-controlled and monitored for security; however, I still think that certain types of items have no place being stashed in a storage unit, including the following: Irreplaceable Items: While a quality moving .pany offers storage facilities that are designed to keep your belongings safe, its usually not a good idea to keep family heirloomsor anything irreplaceable, for that matterin storage. On the off chance that something goes wrong, youd have no way of getting adequately .pensated for the damages involved. Therefore, its best to keep those important items someplace where you can better keep an eye on them. Artwork: Its also not a wise idea to keep your pricier pieces of art in storage although a good moving .pany will provide you with a storage unit that is climate-controlled to protect your belongings. Items like paintings and sculptures can end up getting damaged when storage unit contents shift (which can sometimes happen, even if your items are loaded properly). To avoid a loss, ask a trusted friend or family member to let you store your artwork in his house. Or, if possible, take fine art items with you to your temporary home. Important Documents and Files: Although its rare for a good moving .pany to lose some of your belongings while they are in storage, from time to time, accidents do happen. For this reason, you should never take the chance of putting certain key documents into storageespecially since you never know when you may need them. Items such as passports, birth certificates, and vehicle titles should never be locked away in a storage unit for any amount of time. If you dont have a secure place to store such items in your temporary home, then consider renting a safety deposit box at your local bank. Flammable Items: Most moving .panies have policies stating that they will not transport or store any items that are flammable in nature. To keep the rest of your belongings safe, make sure not to pack any items that are flammable, including matches, certain cleaners and chemicals, and lighters. If youre not sure about a particular item, then ask your movers to make the call, as its far better to be safe than sorry. Expensive Jewelry: While its okay to keep your accessories and inexpensive jewelry items in storage, you should never put your high-end pieces in a short-term or long-term unit. Despite the fact that a good moving .pany will do everything in its power to keep your belongings safe, sometimes a mishap or incident of theft can .e into the equation. Since jewelry doesnt take up a lot of space, you are best off keeping yours in your short-term home instead of your storage unit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: